Amazing Hot Dogs at an All American 50's Diner

welcome to another delicious head I'm Bryan Perry we're at velvet guerrilla Creamery in McHenry we're having an all Americana show tonight they're doing a car show they do these every week throughout the summer so come down and check one out we're gonna go inside tonight and have all American hot dogs let's go see what they got thank you it's good to be back okay here we are sir night yeah I'm really hungry actually I'd like to try some of these hot dogs like what kind do you have well we have a bacon cheddar dog that's really good we have a chili cheese dog and we make the chili here on the premises homemade and then we also do really good get me a kraut dog Wow we have our chili cheese dog with the homemade chili and we have a bacon cheddar dog it's got fresh tomato and lettuce thank you yes thank you very much yeah he's all look amazingly delicious we're gonna start off we're gonna try some of these toppings we've got to try that homemade chili and see how that is a plus status bomb that's really good factor that's gonna be great on the dog alright try some of the sauerkraut see how that it looks very fresh and homemade oh yeah that is that's really good kraut definitely homemade not you know not something is only can threw on here that's good stuff and of course we have bacon a little piece of that bacon good smoky flavor sweet this is gonna be great fries are delicious is always always good fries here I've cut these up we're gonna start on and we're gonna start with the chili dog of course we're gonna throw mustard in there again it's not a chili dog without the mushroom so that one oh that is great really good the homemade chili the mustard the cheese the onions and that's a great dog in there let's try the sauerkraut dog now and velvet grill creamier you know they always use quality meat everything you can look at this and tell this isn't you're just you know grocery store bought hot dog this is quality stuff and you can taste it – that's good good hot dog the crowd like I said was homemade really good that's delicious hit alright now we're going for the bacon my favorite you know okay we're gonna try that one oh that's amazing wow the dogs really good and we did a breakfast show here before and Mike told the stand they didn't they use the quality bacon top flying you can taste it that is really good the tomatoes fresh the lettuce fresh that delicious smoky bacon these are all three delicious hit well that was unbelievable all three of those were really good come down here to the velvet grilling Creamery try their hot dogs to try everything else everything's fresh homemade really good Cindy could you tell everybody where you guys are located and how to find you we are at 2204 McHenry Avenue and we're open at 7:00 a.m. because at 10:00 ten o'clock my name is Thursday Saturday and Sunday and then on Friday we're open till 11:00 so come join us through I thought thanks for watching see you next time you

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