Amazing Bird Sounds from The Lyrebird Mimicking Kids Cameras Sounds & Voices


100 thoughts on “Amazing Bird Sounds from The Lyrebird Mimicking Kids Cameras Sounds & Voices

  1. OH MY GOSH PETER!!!!!! You have seriously blown my mind with this one! I have never heard of a lyrebird before, and I have only ever heard parrots mimicking sounds….these guys are INCREDIBLE!!!!! I can hear the camera sounds & voices & am rendered speechless. What fascinating & beautiful birds! Thank you for sharing & educating us with so much beauty! Big thumbs up from me & have a most wonderful day♥

  2. What a wonderful to watch awesome sounds seems your in the forest . Theire having conversation thats so cute are you the one wistling or the birds

  3. I'm glad I've learned something new! This is amazing! The video is great, Peter, I was just checking which video I haven't seen yet, and came across this beauty! Thank you for that, and have a wonderful rest of the week.

  4. ★*´✨ Świetny film
    ( ? ☆* dziękuję ☆*´´?*´¨`?¨★

    ★ ¸¸¸. •°´ *✨★ Pozdrawiam serdecznie i życzę miłego wieczoru:-)

  5. Menura est un genre constitué de deux espèces de passereaux nommés ménures. Menura est le seul genre de la famille des Menuridae (ou ménuridés).

  6. Every lyrebird seems to incorporate nail guns into their repertoire. Must be lots of construction going on down under, lol.

  7. If I ever met this bird I would like to play JP T.rex and Godzilla roar when this bird is nearby lol

  8. Can you imagine a carnivorous predator doing this but instead of doing it like Lyrebirds they do it to lure out humans and eat them ?

  9. Good morning Thank you
    for sharing this beautiful video and the awesome music excellent performance
    and this so beautiful birds singing scenery love it. My dear beautiful friend Peter Have a Beautiful Weekend much
    ԼƠƔЄ (((Hugs))) from Huggie

  10. Oh, those birds are true artists! I have seen a BBC video where they imitated a motorsaw! 😀
    A great joy to watch – fun and strange and a wondrous! Thank you, Peter! 🙂

  11. is this bird in a zoo? I wondered why they mimic the sounds of camera clicks because people dont use them as much now…but I suppose alot of digital cameras and phone cameras have an artificial click sound nowadays

  12. To protect my rural property, I want to get a couple dozen of these birds and play the scream parts of horror movies on a loop. Then cage the animals around my property in clumps of bushes and trees so anyone coming close just hears the screams and it sounds like murder after murder after murder going on……


    Maybe T-Rex had weekend gigs mimicing sounds of Triceratops and Stegosaurus.


  14. One of these guys can fill a bare shrubbery with all the jungle sounds of a mighty forest. Of course they have to be well socialised to recall all that goes forth in the world.

  15. What an utterly amazing bird. Children playing; a baby laughing and crying; camera shutters and motor driven cameras; Star Wars weapons. In another film, construction sounds; a workman whistling, sawing wood; hammering in nails and an amazingly loud and utterly realistic chainsaw, plus every type of birdsong. Incredible, just incredible! I am completely blown away!!

  16. OMG, if u don't show the bird, I would have assume it to be real sound. Most amazing beside mimicking is uttering several sounds/noises simultaneously. Incredible.

  17. Hello saudações ?? Amor obrigada pelas lindas palavras !..
    mais um belíssimo vídeo ??
    Muitos Beijos com carinho ? Love .

  18. Subscribed to your channel. Let's be friends? I’m running a channel about animals. Naturalists must help each other!

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