36 thoughts on “"Am I a Pet?" Scene | Rise Of The Planet of the Apes (2011)

  1. 2:30 có 1 lỗi thành phố đã bị khỉ chiếm sao con người vẫn còn đi lại và ăn uống treny đường phố

  2. ????????? انا أنشأ الله باخذلي شمنزي والله الجرمن نخ

  3. Dog: What the-, what the fuck is that!, RAWRR WAWRR!
    Caesar: ..??
    Caesar:.. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!
    Dog: !! Hey Hey it's cool bro, it's cool bro !

  4. I would not treat him as a pet I would treat him as a companion.. their genetic material is not that far from us you don't believe me Google it their DNA and our DNA is very close but yet different we could never breed with a chimpanzee or any of the other ape species.. the Russians tried it so did the Germans they tried to impregnate a human woman with ape sperm. And from different species of apes it never would work out the Germans and Russians wanted a super soldiers.. but the this is just a movie but what I just spoke of is real they actually tried it..

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