Alligator attacks & the problem with vegan pet ownership

hello my name is Margaret and thank you for joining me again here at Maude vegan today I want to talk about animal attacks and the way that we perceive them and maybe some of the ways that we should consider them differently I think probably all of you still remember the attack on this young boy at the Walt Disney World facility in Florida earlier in June this boy was waiting in an upon de parently his parents did not see the signs there were a bunch of signs saying please do not swim in this area and still the boy was waiting in this water kind of near nightfall that sounded like and he was captured his little two-year-old boy was dragged off by an alligator and he was found I think a couple of days later unfortunately he had passed away and the response to this tragedy was quite dramatic the Walt Disney World facilities understandably wanted people to know that they were still a safe place and they proved this by going out and killing a bunch of alligators as many as they could find trying to find this alligator that had attacked this boy they felt that they had for sure have found and killed this particular alligator and thus ensured the safety of their patrons for the future unfortunately I think one of the things people don't consider when contemplating attacks like this is how rare they actually are over the past 40 years or so there have only been around 34 attacks that resulted in death from alligators compare that with last year when 34 people were killed by pit bulls and Rottweilers in the US and Canada so you have you know about a 40 to 1 ratio of attacks from dogs compared to alligators and it really shows that we don't always consider our relationships with animals rationally we worry a great deal about shark attacks and yet only a couple of those happen per year your odds of being attacked by a shark or practically even if you are in shark-infested waters and same with alligators although I would certainly not recommend swimming with them but still the likelihood of these attacks is quite rare and that's something people just don't think about when they're when they are considering the danger of animals right now in Canada the province of Quebec is considering banning pit bulls because of the number of deaths that have occurred from pit bull attacks and in particular a woman was killed earlier this year by a pit bull and and the the province would like to respond by banning pit bulls as pets if you um have read my blog you probably know that my family doesn't have pets I understand people who do particularly those who have chosen to adopt rescuing animals but that's a decision we've chosen not to have pets but many people especially animal lovers be in the dog ownership is extremely common and one of the things that I notice about dog owners particularly here in Calgary we live right next to a very large park and at this park i I see pit bulls and Rottweilers every day they're very popular animals here which may be because the capital of Alberta Edmonton has actually made pit bull ownership illegal so a lot of those animals have come here to Calgary and the Humane Association has encouraged the adoption of these animals by saying you know that they're harmless that it's about the owner and not the animal and that it's the owners responsibility what happens and and of course that's true if obviously if you are attacked by an animal it is the owners responsibility but at the same time the owner has made a mistake by choosing a deadly animal as a pet in the first place in my opinion I realize that these animals may be very kind and loving but they don't belong in the human environment and I I think this is pretty clear if they're more deadly than they cause more deaths per year then then alligators there's certainly a bit of a problem and I would think about it it's you wouldn't keep a lion as a pet at least I hope not and and I don't think pit bulls belong in domesticated environments either and and it's one of those big challenges I think for vegans when we look at animals in general I know that a lot of people do become vegans because they love the animals because they have pets and they care for them and so they choose too often to adopt animals that that are really not suited to a human environment but it's just not fair to to the animal and I I wish people would consider that I realized that there are many animals out there that need homes but even more important is the issue of spaying and neutering your pet I think that's something that we should all be concerned about more than anything else and while I realized that some people consider spaying and neutering unnatural you've already committed a very unnatural act by breeding a domesticated animal in the first place and I think you need to weigh that against the naturalness of neutering an animal and consider carefully what you're what you're condemning that animal to by leaving them free to breed bad animals children and offsprings particularly in the case this case of pit bulls if you have an animal that can reproduce it's very likely we know from statistics that pit bulls are some of the most abused animals on the planet and because of their fierceness people are afraid of them and this seems to lead to mistreatment and it's very likely that if your animal reproduces its offspring is going to be mistreated even if you think you're providing it to a loving home bad things can happen they may abandon that animal because it becomes they become incapable of controlling it and and that's a real concern that I don't think you can brush off so easily by saying that you you think that spaying and neutering is unnatural but it depends on the person I know that that people feel differently about this but I do think that it is wrong I think but it's very clear that you need to spend in neuter your pets and honestly my solution to the problem with pitbulls would not be to euthanize the animals that already exist but to ensure that animals are spayed and neutered and if someone wants to adopt a pitbull it must be spayed or neutered and rather than having a law against pitbulls you should have to have a certificate proving that you have spayed or neutered your pet and instead of like in addition to your license that should be something that you should have with you and you know if someone sees you with a pitbull they should be able to go up to you and ask you know do you have a license proving that you have spayed or neutered your animal in addition to their their regular license and that doesn't seem that complicated it would be a great way in my opinion to to end the suffering of pitbulls and to increase the safety of human beings I'm curious what the rest of you think and so I would love to hear from you if you like this video please give it a thumbs up subscribe I would love to be able to share more information with you and I hope you have an excellent weekend take care and have a great day bye

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  1. This is probably the first video I disagree with you on. I 100% agree about getting pets spayed and neutered. I work at a no kill animal shelter and any breed of dog can become "dangerous" if mistreated, not just pit bulls. This video is just perpetuating the stigma that they are bad dogs when they are not. It makes it harder for them to get adopted even if they are well trained and well behaved. If an animal is abused it will react in a defensive way and that is not just pit bulls.

  2. I have enjoyed a lot of your videos, but I'm very confused about this so-called "pet" "debate."

    Are there any vegans who buy animals though? I get the feeling it's only a grey area in veganism because certain vegans are conflating rescuing animals (who cannot survive on their own) and buying them from the industry that has sold, bred, enslaved them in the first place. The most ardent opponents to the pet industry are, of course, those who are on the front line helping stray domesticated animals, covering their medical fees, and finding them safe homes! Of course it's not vegan to support the pet industry (responsible for the euthanizing of millions of dogs annually, for profit), but which vegans who have animals at home said it was, exactly?

    Pitbulls make up about 40% of the dogs killed in shelters annually in the US, so what are you suggesting? That vegans shouldn't try to rescue them from that fate, because they are dangerous to humans? (Most likely it's irresponsible people– not animal liberation people– who are getting them into these dangerous situations anyway, I would reckon.) Of course the long-term solution is eradicating pet ownership, but the path to doing that is different from the path to eradicating meat, dairy, and eggs, because while they are alive, domesticated animals need a place live safely, and aside from occasional animal sanctuaries for farm animals, as vegans we are usually trying to help future animals who haven't been born yet; nearly anyone already in a farm is going to be killed anyway. The process necessarily involves shelters educating the public about the pet industry, and keeping the dogs already in the shelters safe, by providing them places to live.

    I live in China, and like in many countries worldwide, dogs can actually be rescued from the meat industry by shelters and activists (without paying money to those profiting). Even dogs who are rescued from the street are actually being rescued by the meat and leather industry, because the worst thing that could happen here isn't getting hit by a car. The meat and pet industries are closely related, because instead of being euthanized in shelters like in the US, pet animals are sold to the meat industry and consumed as meat. There are also dog markets where you could choose your own purpose for the animal, could be meat or pet. Vegans here would never support these industries, they don't shop at pet stores where animals are sold, and they don't buy animals. As far as I know, there are also only no-kill shelters. But the shelters are run off donations only and can only save as many animals as they can afford to. Their animal population is always growing, with new stray dogs with severe illness and spinal/other injuries coming in, new stray litters dropped off, week after week after week– in a world where everyone wants a certain breed from the torturous pet industry, and its difficult to find adopters. These groups are just trying to keep as many animals as possible safe, raise awareness, and convince some pet industry supporters, through education, to adopt. And there are vegans out there who conflate what these charities are doing with the PET industry?! If you're not the ones out on the ground here really thinking about the future of domesticated animals and working for a solution, then instead of judging and conflating, maybe learn about this kind of activism, what it accomplishes, what it stands for, and what its long term goals are?

  3. I really enjoy all of you videos. I agree with much of what you say and enjoy your eloquent approach. I'm wondering if the spaying and neutering pit bulls would ultimately end the species? Also if everyone chose to stop taking care of their pets by letting them go free would they survive? There should be a specific place they could safely go like a domesticated animal reserve, perhaps.

  4. I really enjoy all of you videos. I agree with much of what you say and enjoy your eloquent approach. I'm wondering if the spaying and neutering pit bulls would ultimately end the species? Also if everyone chose to stop taking care of their pets by letting them go free would they survive? There should be a specific place they could safely go like a domesticated animal reserve, perhaps.

  5. Did you get attacked by a Pitt Bull? You seem to have a bias against them. I have one and a cat (my nieces and nephews live with me and wanted them) and he's the friendliest most goofy dog I've ever met in my life. People have had them as pets for at least 100 years that I know of. No major problems until when? The 1990's. That's when all these hoodrat ghetto miscreants started fighting them. You also hear more about them biting people because they are on the medias radar. I don't even like dogs. I'm a cat person. But my dog and every Pitt Bull I hear about from people I know with them are goofy friendly dogs.

  6. My dad got attacked by a Pit Bull 35 years ago( his jeans got shredded). Hopefully these animals go out of style, I had to build a tall fence out of fear for my neighbors.

  7. I love your channel… Thumbs up and im a new subscriber now… I would love it if you came by my channel and subbed bk if you like! xoxo

  8. Very interesting! I've written about pitbull ownership before & why pitbulls are commonly used in dogfighting. I think people assume pitbulls and rottweilers are 'dangerous' because of how they look.. They give off this air of aggression, at least in my opinion. I would say adopt rescued and shelter animals over buying from pet stores or puppy mills. I don't have any pets and never will but the idea of pet ownership is definitely a grey area in veganism.

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