what's going on with his eyes I have to go to the hospital after this video of it yeah he shot oh my god let's catch him all with catch him all fishing with Zack ketchup well hello guys today I am taking over his ex channel for the meantime because I was on my way to buy believe Beverly's pet center to pick up some supplies for the pet fish that we have in the apartment but turns out Zack stop feeling well oh my Grob wait well you're not feeling well like come on come on let's go they know I do I can't go out I can't get some Sun I can't do anything like I just don't want to be seen I do not feel well I'm like whatever role like you know Zack like Zack will do anything in the Sun although crazy this he does everything times 10 but for him to not go out like something's got to be wrong so whatever will check them out once we go back to the apartment but I do need to go ahead and get some supplies for him at the Beverly Center for our fish so stay tuned check it out Oh what is this so I can I see it all the time very interesting animal just just sits there all the time oh just getting a move since Zacks not here we can play with the tiger Sheva noses hello how are you guys please convince Zack in the comments come in Zack to by me oh my god wait look before buying the tiger showman nose look at this Oscar the colors but he has his eye what's going on with his eye this is insane isn't even there I don't even think it's there bro that's crazy whoa oh yeah dude look at this Oscar wow what a pretty pretty Oscar but back to what I was saying guys convinced that to buy me tiger showing off for my tank what's up bro good good good could you help me with some stuff okay cool zach is not feeling well so I'm doing everything for him today so I need crickets or can I get you can you help it straight up up front okay and then I also need goldfish goldfish yeah I need a feeder and I need um comets as well don't be like a giant comment like one of these yes but you have any more bigger than this one no maybe maybe this one I like this one yeah yeah can I get that one scoop that was fast super super fast whoa whoa okay cool and I need one little feeder like one little one Peter goldfish yeah Peter feeder whoa that thing is so cool hey bro guys I want this to tell Zack to buy it for me to tell Zack to buy everything buy it all buy me everything hmm I missed it the one little goldfish yes is he the chosen child what colors is gold gold okay that works I'm looking for like big tweezers so I can hold the crickets you guys sell those yeah you do okay they keep him in a special place where no man can go besides him The Legend of fish keeping I don't know your name but we still love you guys I'm so excited so I think I got all the suppliers we're to go ahead and check out and then head back to Zacks apartment maybe you just gave me out of here whoopee so are we thanks I'll be are we friends we're friends did you see that that was a crazy is that we had a moment right here we had a moment together oh we got the cricket yeah let's see oh we could check in a second no no he was trying to come home and when to come home her kids we got everything all right cool all right what are you honest I didn't see him oh they're here oh my gosh he's just walking the thing is mom it's like pretty much bigger than his balls do you feed him once a day yeah dirty sparking that thing down oh my gosh it's crazy water because their eyes will point it up yeah yeah mine head drop by so everything's all set everything up front that you're ready to go thanks man fund it perfect have a good one take care bro we have these little guys you saw them get slammed by the Erawan us I can't wait to see them go ham I can't I can't wait to see the cloud gang go ham wait God so cool it's having like a little brother in the big video it's just like means that we have all the stuff Oh stuff we're gonna need now we're heading back to Zacks place trying to find out what the heck is wrong with him because this is unexcusable he needs to be here I'm usually the one behind a camera not in front of it come out housekeeping I've come with gifts why is it so dark in here bro yes I have not desert that you know involve Joey do white y'all my subscribers can't see me like this what do you have benadryl there's not even the real legends never die yeah a jerk reaction to something that's so stupid bro you're spinning are you okay yeah go ahead turn on the light are you hiding so weird well all I have to say is don't open this thing up the heck is that anyway if it's it but you may be sure to shark I think it's like in some formaldehyde and crap something I don't know but wait wait before you even say that like why do you have this just know I have a lot of cool stuff okay but I cleaned it up it's all over this table this thing just popped open like I don't know but anyway I put a little bit of water in yeah I don't know if I should or not but it's filled back up this got all over my hands I like I think so I something but I don't want you guys to see me just yet okay so anyway I had to take the real I just never die off all this stuff because it was like all over the table all over the floor and I have a severe allergic reaction to whatever is in this jar of pickles right here check it out check it out it's a jar of shark I've had this thing since I was about maybe three years old and I never opened it up so I opened it up I don't know why I don't know what on God's green earth possessed me to open it up I was gonna see if I can hold it out pretty cute but uh yeah that was apparently a very stupid decision because some of it got in my eye it immediately pops straight up and I have quite an allergic reaction but before I show you guys all that stuff a lot of people are having to feed the fish oh hey wonderful crayfish legend oh that's a perfect size one to dude perfect size and you know where that's going but uh hey guys guys almost got you there oh I want to see you alright cool so we have this to beat the blob obviously that big ol comment and we have this little comet both to feed one is for the crayfish that I don't know how I'm gonna get it to him since Joey got the tongs out of the size of his wanker what's the plan they're gonna get all crazy and actually that's not the first thing we're going to do we're going to keep this the way to look they're starting to shoot they're gonna shoot up at this stuff but first thing we're going to do since we do have live fish is we're gonna feed the blob per so let's go ahead and do that first so it's what I look like guys I'm training this uh this uh thing yourself laughing that Joey this is a little demon that uh gone to Maya it's yeah I don't know what happened somehow this stuff got in my eyes and I thought it'd be a fire thumbnail if I shows you guys I had allergy jacked into a shirt or they strike you stick it out Chuck Jews haha oh we're kind of do now can you please get on my face this shark came back to bite me in the worst way guys I got this shark from the Cayman Islands as a little kid like I've had this thing since I was three years old and I feel like I feel like it's in my teeth something bad I did something bad to deserve this guy's roast me you look great right here I do yeah into our mega low blow I didn't even check myself I'm like three benadryl bro bro you look look look when I first called you I said dude yeah I could go get the stuff I can't go outside I called you bro because my face was like twice the size dude I took 3 banjo this is like the after-effects after just how I look now but you couldn't speak bro I can see bro I couldn't do anything I was like out oh my god I got stung by bees my nose look like Rudolph the big nosed rainbow let me tell you what we're doing I know I wasn't gonna reveal about like Joey just convinced me he's like dude I can't even you have to put that I'm honest with you guys you guys know what's happening guys I got open this shark and some juice got in my I want to talk about the shark and how I got in the Cayman Islands but now I don't even care about this blown shark it's a demon shark and it's obviously possessed with voodoo and stuff probably from that lady that I was talking about her Blanche pigeon crap I'm just gonna euthanize these guys and I'm gonna put them on the end of the stick because I'm just really sad right now that's why I take it out watch when I come back this I don't even know how long to go to the hospital after this video but I'm gonna record this video for you guys first so these goldfish that have their last breath they're taking it out let's go put them inside their new enclosures try your best to get a good angle of this thing I'll try to keep the goldfish we know the drill dun dun dun dun oh he's taking he's taking his cover back look guys that was just it just like the Hat that was literally no waiting last time it was like a big week we had like oh oh dude it's make some room so you can go hiding down there and I don't even know if you can fit in there dude a couple more evenings like that and that thing will not be able to fit look at the side of him look at the side of him oh my god well I took the benadryl I want to say can you get the camera look sorry bro he said let's do you understand compared to how beautiful I look guys check my other videos just compare in contrast actually I have my glasses on a lot maybe this is how I always don't look like this all the time but this is how I look now after having an allergic reaction to stuff so I might be in the hospital for a little bit I don't know what's going on I'm kind of spooked well let's continue this video before Joey and I head over to the hospital stay tuned for scenes from the next episode of Dragon Ball he shot oh my god get him up


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  2. If it got on you and your clothes you need to take a shower That substance is dangerous to any living thing

  3. My eye look way worst pupil got stung i was a kid and always will remember that!!!!!!!!!!!!! the pulil

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