Alleged abuse at Fair Oaks Farms

to boycott I want everybody to boycott Fair Oaks protestors wanting people to boycott a farm that's now facing serious accusations of animal abuse this after undercover investigators with an animal recovery group took video and pictures of what was happening behind closed doors now we do want to warn you these images are disturbing our Meredith Juliet tells us what Fair Oaks farms is now doing to try to fix the problems the owners of Fair Oaks farms say they were shocked and heartbroken to see abuse happening on their farms but the animal recovery mission says the abuse here is widespread this video shot by the animal recovery mission or a RM shows the calves being taken from their mothers after books being thrown and dropped and kept in filthy isolation units and extreme heat all caught by an ara member working undercover starting in August of 2018 it's so upsetting it just made me sick I was in tears and then it made me angry in a statement Fair Oaks says three of the four employees in the video were fired long before the video's release and that the fourth was fired yesterday they hired an outside party to review Fair Oaks and put all employees through a retraining process but AR M says it's more widespread and the Indiana animal Rights Alliance says that cruelty begins with the mother calf separation and even if they clean up you know the what you saw the video even if they fire the people involved mothers are still separated from the babies you know the babies are still put in small hutches where they don't have room to play and do natural things that that a baby calf would do in their hutches managers now the Newton County Sheriff's Office has launched an animal cruelty investigation they're asking for the names of the employees seen in the video and they're also asking for the name of the undercover employee who shot that video and quote failed to report it for some time in Fair Oaks I'm Meredith Juliet channel 13 Eyewitness News all right Thank You Meredith fair oaks just told us that they are planning to release a video statement sometime tonight today we also heard from the coca-cola company that owns fair life milk fair life gets their milk from Fair Oaks now they say in a statement quote we have been in contact with Fair Life about the situation and have full confidence in their management team to urgently address this issue with Fair Oaks farms which is a third-party supplier to fair life end quote you can read that entire statement on our website WTHI com this

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  1. Only the most naive could think that there's a nice and humane way to mass-produce dairy at a price that's affordable to the consumer. There's no way to get a female cow to lactate without making her pregnant; there's gonna be all those calves, regardless of how nice or mean the large-scale dairy farm is. What's the solution, give all those calves pastureland to roam naturally in? Do you have any idea how resource-intensive and land-intensive that would be? Just because fat glutinous idiots want mozzarella on their pizza, and dont want to feel any guilt when shown footage like this? Footage that is the result of the affordability of their dairy products that they just have to have. Because humans needing to ingest bovine lactations on a regular basis makes so much sense.

  2. It took an undercover investigation to uncover this. Not the company. That's all you need to know. The poor animals omg. ?

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