alright boys welcome back to the video today I'm learning just came on this guy's livestream and apparently this guy named official crowds and streaming a new game called I think it's pet hero super I don't know what's called but I think it's called pan hero simulator but apparently I decide to make a video on it because there are some really cool codes now I have no pad open right now I there are only like three codes right now that is going to change in the future because this is just a new game it's bright backstabber and scoopy – 977 I think that's two nine seven seven wait it's the Scooby Doo nine seven seven um yeah yeah this bright skin it's actually tsukuba to 97 on roblox but yeah yeah yeah but we're gonna go into the Twitter section right here and we are going to get all our coats so the first coat is recache if I can highlight it all on notepad and get this down and hold get this we get 364 cats which is pretty nice then we get taxed Albert pack scabbard and then they don't redeem this and get into our code and then finally Scoobies which is the greatest code in the game oh I messed up Scooby and if I get this this guy here there's a thousand fish that's like a fountain apparently here what happens if we decide to buy this you have gotten two free times I got a Scooby pet and you've also got that so apparently we got shhh Weiss is named Jake can I rename this cranly we can name this Jake um hunter Oh mutts name is pack scab or the same pack stabber just maybe Kate links them these Tyler I'm just gonna have a Tyler and I'm gonna name them these Bruno Mars how give me a brutal war Jake I'm just gonna make and I think you know what happening we gotta put these guys can we quit like three once things what three at once that's nice so how much does the Davis y'all just beforehand the video I just want to see how how good this is oh I can do this oh my gosh dad this really fast that is some really bad stuff oh my gosh that is really fast but apparently that is basically it for this video it took like a few minutes you just let it took like a few minutes to get done but I'm sure this goes will help you see if you guys want to check out the game I'll put a link in description to it if you guys want to check it out means you guys check it out my character's name so Jake Bruno Mars and Tyler's you guys want to see me do actual videos of this game definitely be sure to let me know in the comments if you guys do and also make and know let me know as well by didn't like one on this video because they do a lot of cool code videos and also some similar videos I'm playing to do more similar videos in the future but I don't have enough roblox and I also lost my builder's club so that's a rip for me but yeah thank you guys so much watching today's video it's been an absolute blast with you guys lately hey guys who's watching and I'll see you all peace


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