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if you’ve got problems with bugs in your home no go running for toxic chemicals and poisons they poison you your pets and your children just as much as the bugs there’s natural ways of keeping those buggers away first and foremost don’t give them a reason to come into your home just like a dirty body full of sugar and bread which invites parasites to party inside you your home is just like your body sure you can cover your floor and countertops and carpeting with diatomaceous earth but that’s no way to live really the only way to keep ants away is to stop feeding them don’t have any crumbs or food bits on your countertop or floor not even splatters from that smoothie you made this morning your place needs to be spotless throw away all sugar and sticky sweet stuff all junk food flour and unhealthy crap that shouldn’t be in your home your life and your body anyway if there’s nothing for ants to eat they’ll stop coming then there’s the flying bugs that annoy and scare us in my book the free food medicine worldwide edible plant guide it tells you what plants make great insect repellents many of these plants grow wild right in your yard or around your neighborhood if you get bit there’s also a list of plants that help remove the sting of insect bites again many of these plants are right in your yard plantain for example simply pick a leaf or to chew it into a pulp and apply it directly to the bite you’ll be amazed with free medicine you have growing right in your yard bedbugs there are plans for those too it’s all in the book now I ask for roaches spiders and other creepy crawlies that love to snoop around your home you can capture and release the mouth doors like some people do with spiders crickets and Roly Polys but most people have no desired you that with cockroaches if you’re in the killing mood don’t use chemical bug sprays those poison stay in your home for decades slowly killing you again certain plants make great insecticides and they’re all listed in the book concentrated essential oils like peppermint oil rosemary oil and wintergreen make highly potent bug killers you can mix your own or by ready-to-go sprays from places like EcoSmart calm these all-natural cures are so strong that all-natural pest control companies are popping up around the country that professionally spray homes and properties as mixtures based on these oils of them Summerland pest control is in my neighborhood in Las Vegas and he sprays my property and it lasts up to two months it even gets rid of black widows here’s TJ to tell you about it had a bug guy a long time ago sprayed my desert tortoise is a den and okay next year I wash my poor desert tortoise deteriorate and die saddest thing I ever saw I started this company to be pet friendly that was the whole purpose of this be pet friendly my name is TJ I on some one pest control and I specialize in all-natural food grade botanical organic pesticides they’re basically pesticides that are made out of all-natural ingredients from rosemary oil two-time phosphorus and a couple other little things like mint oil they don’t harm people birds dogs little kids it doesn’t even seem to bother people with with allergies you know just regular plant allergies there’s a couple benefits and one main benefit is when you’re fifty years old you’re not going to have any side effects from from having too many pesticides in you it’s eco exempt product there’s no federal registration on this because it’s a food great botanical you can get it on you and get on your skin so it’s a mixture of all these little plant oils from the rosemary to the time to the mint oil we ran a very close our gloves because I’m handling this stuff constantly anything you’re constantly handling you can get a little rash or some kind of reaction that is a concentrate of mint oil and rosemary you know and I’m doing this 15 20 times a day getting this stuff all over me it’s a good idea to wear gloves even though it’s harmless and you take this harmless concentrate take one ounce per gallon in the water and then you spread that you know over a thousand square feet so you’re taking a harmless concentrate and make an even more harmless by just by spreading it out you know that one ounce over a thousand square feet I don’t even know how many pest control companies they use this stuff kind of like hunters that don’t know that don’t know about holistic medicines that work just as good as pills smells like a pine tree if you stick your head right next to a real smelly pine tree that’s exactly what it smells like and when you spray it you’re taking this concentrated you know formula here and spreading it out over a big area so the smell is like a real night pine tree smell but it’s everywhere so you’re killing bugs and you’re getting a little light about it air fresh anybody oh these are great for people with organic gardens you can see you can’t get them on the leaves because they’re oils they’re plant oils and obviously get oil on a leaf it’s going to you know when the Sun hits it’s going to wilt that’s going to happen but to spray around them would be great without any poison people say like it’s not going to poison the food it’s not going to stay in the ground long enough to get absorbed into the plants you know that the synthetics will know they’ll be in the ground for two or three months you know the roots are going to be sucking those nutrients in and it’s going the right into the plant use these they’re not going to happen so there you have it all your choices remember the cleaner your house and body is the less bugs and parasites will hang around they’re only looking for food get rid of all that sticky sweet crap and clean up your house your body and your life stay tuned for more healthy all-natural ways to improve your life at Marcus

33 thoughts on “All Natural Bug and Pest Control

  1. Great video Markus, I saw a special on this very topic once about all natural pest control options and it truly is incredible.


  2. You are just full of good information. I love watching all your videos. I can't wait to get my hands on your book. I have it on my birthday list. I am on remission now and will not be able to buy it for a while but looking forward to get it. You have inspired me to take care of myself more. Because of people like you and .Cara, people have more hope. Thanks for shearing with all of us. God Bless

  3. Well done, Markus. Very helpful especially since the cockroaches here in Australia are about as big as crocodiles and the spiders are mostly poisonous. The snakes are a bit of a different proposition.

  4. Such a great idea! Its true natural oils work wonders to keep bugs at bay… it's a shame you can buy these things at your supermarket to use round your home ready made.. if this was the case I think more people would opt for that than chemicals … 

  5. I have a fear of spiders coming in my bed while I sleep naked. .I spray around my bed windows and even saturate a towel with raid and wipe my walls…I don't like spiders at all even tho I know it's toxic. ..thanks for the video mark..

  6. Is there anything in your book about killing fleas on animals? I've heard that cats cannot absorb essential oils. I'm desperate. My babies are so miserable. I have toxic Frontline flea control in the cupboard, but I'm emotionally sick at the thought of poisoning my animals. I've researched this topic to death. But, I haven't found a safe and effective way to eliminate these fleas. So, my suffering goes on while my cats are pulling their fur out.

  7. My only problems with bugs is fruits flies in summer, the house trash (in front of the building) is just 2m away from our window, we live on the ground floor, so they are a lot there, and they always come for our bananas…I even bought a special nets for my nanas, but it wasn´t so good, they still come…And I´ve heard so many times banana and fridge doesn´t work good…

  8. Hey I like your stuff, very cool.

    I have a new channel if you can help us and sub to us it will be a great help : )

    Thanks and sucess always.

  9. WOW. I am in awe of how young looking the pest control guy is…he can't be THAT young, but yet his skin is flawless. There's something other worldly about him. Looks like he follows the same fountain of youth diet as you, Markus. 😉

  10. What about the bees? One thing I didn't understand was do the bugs die or do they just go into a different direction?

  11. Interesting video. Worth looking into. By the way I have an all natural mosquito repellent product that you might be interested in.

  12. Hey, Markus 🙂 I may want to start a pesticide free and all natural botanical pest control business in the future. Especially because I don't think my area of town has one. How would I go about creating a business like that?

  13. I need to figure out what actually repels mosquitoes, fleas, and horseflies from human skin. They are wild in the tropics and are resilient. *begins watching video*

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