36 thoughts on “All Horse Breeds List (A to Z)

  1. have any of you seen the movie walk.ride.rodeo? if not you guys totally should it came out this month its great

  2. You have the Palomino Quarter Horse mislabeled twice…Nez Perce and Appaloosa are the same horse. And ALL American Mustangs are descended from Spanish horses…

  3. U missed the connemara the Irish warmblood the russian warmblood and the russian heavy draught just to name a few

  4. Irish kev here,What would be REALY GREAT to have every breed n Country of origin.i love horses.had Arabians n American paints.thank you for doing this.be blessed

  5. After watching that video and SCREEN SHOTING EVER SINGLE HORSE Amy arm hurts ;-; why did I do that and I wasted a lot of storage

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