All Codes for Pet Ranch Simulator | 50M Visits Update | 2019 June

hey YouTube welcome back to another video so as always make sure to subscribe join discord and I'll scoop in the description follow me on Twitter in the description also and if you buy any clothing and below the group link in the description you'll get special ranks in the group and you can buy the merch that I have on right now it looks pretty nice so on this video I'm gonna show you guys all of the codes for Petri on familiar there's so many codes and they're all pretty nice they just had the 50 million visits update it's only part one out of two so they're gonna come out with another big update for 50 million visits but I do have a lot of codes but first I'm gonna show you guys the update so as you can see right here time is to coin event two ends 612 so the time is to coin event will be active until next Wednesday and the 50 million out of Ross a gift pet reach 50 rebirths to get the 50 million albatross Gold pet so wait what time was that and that's so near you births I don't even have nearly enough if I order you birth I costs a lot so I probably won't be able to but if I you join back every now and then since it farms when you're away I'll probably maybe be able to get that much before the I'm guessing that ends on the twelfth also because it would be really who ought to get that sense that just looks very good but that would be the best pet since right now my best pet only has 229,000 so that would be a lot more than my best pet about half more and then the next thing is matte shadows so as you can see there's shadows that are very high quality like when I stand sideways it shows it like that so the shadows are on everything also so that improves the graphics of the amyl on it and the next thing is improve the Year award appearance so let's go check out your board real quick and then I'll show you guys a bunch of the codes so over here the leader board Wow looks way better it looks more organized and it matches the building way well I think that they updated the building the leader war was around but it's still more super organized now and we'll set it so more organized the only thing I had like if they fix though is this part is blocking a part of the numbers so they need to fix that and then everything is good but I'm gonna show you guys the codes I saw once you go over here to codes first code is update 13 so I argued even some of these that paid 13 code most update codes usually don't expire for about a week or two and this was wait when the last update came out I'm not completely sure on the last update came out but I know that the Codex pyar Don the 27th after update 12 which I'm pretty sure was hmm yeah I'm pretty sure the coal would expire after two weeks for updates so that's gonna be working it until the 13th of June essence it came out on May 3rd yes but this was the update before the 50 M update so yeah anyways next code is shiny and it gave me a shiny baby serpent so let's check out that you'll quick I think is a limited one there you go it gives 500 that's gonna be really helpful if you're new and yeah oh you have any good pets but since there's two times coins I'm probably going to be able to rebirth a lot which is nice to get 50 you births I need 200 2.25 trillion already have 27 so I'm gonna try to go for the 20-year you births so yeah but it's crazy you can get a thousand of you Earth's at once and the most rebirths anyone has is 12.5 – million that's a lot of rebirths and someone has 205 of the pets that's wow that must be really hard to get since there are about on average 7 in each box actually I say on average 6 in each box and there are 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 13 times 6 is like 78 so I don't know how they're getting all of those pets I've probably got them from all the events and colds and stuff this game has had so it'd be really hard to get Batman but anyways the next Co is pet ranch that one my Rd redeem that gives us ten thousand well you know the other told you is 10,000 coins that I'm going to show you next I'm not sure what that one gives since I heard you do you most of those but the code that gives 10,000 is albatross that one hour your diamond I remember it gives 10,000 coins which is also very helpful if you're new most of the codes are only helpful if you're new the game but I think they should lower the gift since well it takes a long time to get that menu and also the game hit so many visits so that I should just do it that would be fun but I guess it does make sense 50 million visits so you have to have 50 you earth to get that but it is a very good pet so that kind of makes sense I guess and next code is I'm not sure if these are expired they work so for diem claim the 40 mm coin and 4y M that has both expired so next cold they didn't say it's expired on the discord though 50 M coin is the next code then it gave me ten point 11 billion coins coins scale but that is a lot so if I go to rebirth I only need five billion more and then I can do the three years well again like I said I'm gonna save up for twenty so yeah whenever you give the game though I'm not sure if it gives you the exact amount that you missed while you were away or how long it does that so I'm gonna probably join back every few hours to this game and then hopefully I have enough to you earth because I really want to get that Pat so anyways I do have one more code for you guys so 50 and the pet let's see what that code use fifty an albatross kina so I'm gonna check that pet right now and that's what it gives you a thousand two hundred coins and that's actually pretty high up for a cold pet but I hope all these codes were helpful subscribe joining this corner Lots too from the description follow me on Twitter also in the description he's buy something the building in the description and quick shout out to all my channel members currently I only have one but if you want to see your name on this unit in the next video then just press the join button to the left of the subscribe button but yeah shout out to them and so yes this is the end of the video again hope the cultures are helpful and useful I'll see you all in the next video bye YouTube

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  1. I was able to on the same server that the greasy strangler was in 2 times… But he or she (I forgot what gender) always seems to be afk next to the chest

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