All About Pet Rescue and Pet Adoption : Using a Contract When Adopting a Rescued Pet

I’m Sylva Kelegian with Expert Village and
I’m here with Simone Luncher from Pet Mania in Burbank. We’ve rescued thousands of animals
together and apart and Simone is going to show you the contract. When we adopt a dog,
when we rescue a dog and we adopt a dog out, we make sure that dog is going to the home,
and a cat, is going to a home that is right for that animal. However, we cover the dog
and make sure that dog is going to be safe for the rest of his life, his or her life
by having them sign a contract and Simone will tell you about the contract. Well the
contract basically is just telling you all about the really good things, take your animal
to the vet if he is sick, provide flea treatment during the summer and things like this but
it also has like certain things covered like if there is any problem with the animal. You
do have five days where you can actually change your mind and bring the animal back for a
full refund because I want to just be fair and give everybody a sort of a chance. After
that five day period of course we can’t give the money back but we always take our animals
back in if something happens that they can’t keep the animal for whatever reason. It’s
just like basically a contract saying all the good stuff and you know, there is also
a date and then also a deposit. If you do adopt a kitten or a puppy too young to be
spayed or neutered, you have to pay a deposit with us and also then a date specified on
the contract when you have to have that done. What you do, you just bring me the proof of
spaying or neutering back and you get your fifty dollars deposit back. And then also
of course, there is a vaccination schedule for people who are confused about when to
vaccinate the animal. And the dogs and cats can be returned at any time, whether it’s
two weeks later or five years later. The contract states that they’re not allowed to give the
dog or the cat to a friend to a shelter to anywhere. The dog or the cat has got to come
back to the pet store. If the dog or the cat has to be given up and say the neighbors have
fallen in love with the dog or the cat, they would call the pet store and say we have to
give our cat or dog up but our neighbors are interested, then Simone would go over to the
neighbors and do a home check and make sure that that’s a suitable home and then the dog
or the cat can be transferred over there. But unless that happens, the dog or the cat
has got to come back to the store and then it finds another home. My contracts state,
I have my own contracts, and mine state that my dogs or cats come back to me and I’ll take
care of them at any time and find them another home. And most rescuers, any rescuer worth
their salt has a contract that states that and also has a contract that states the dog
must wear id tags at all times and the microchipping is usually done before the dog is adopted
but also that people will not put the dog down for any reason other than old age and
really not being able to be saved anymore. Otherwise, the dog comes back or the cat comes
back to the rescue group.

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  1. These rescue groups retain ownership of the pet, you never really own the pet, you are only taking care of it for the rescue.

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