All About Hamster Sand Baths!

hey guys it’s me Victoria and in today’s
video I am going to be talking all about sand baths for hamsters I get so many
questions about sand baths like what type of sand do you use what do you
recommend can I leave it in the cage all the time so today I’m gonna be answering
all of those questions for you so why do hamsters need sand baths hamsters
actually cannot be bathed in water like a dog or other animals can be because
when a hamster gets bathed with soap and water it actually removes a lot of
the good oils in their coat and it can wreck their coat so a good way to get
rid of any excess oils is to provide them with a sand bath now when looking
for a sand bath for your hamster something that you are going to want to
avoid is anything that is labeled dust or powder you really need to avoid those
because they are very fine so they can actually cause a respiratory infection
which is something you do not want to experience. So now I’m going to be
talking about the different types of sands that you can use for your hamster
the first option that you can use is very heavy and let’s see if I can get it
so the first option is children’s play sand from your local hardware store this
is a perfectly good option and this is great for a lot of people who aren’t
able to go into the pet store and get sand this is also a lot cheaper option I
got this 55 pound bag of children’s play sand for $12 which is great because I
go through sand very fast because I have three hamsters that use it. Some couple
of things to note about play sand is that you are going to want to check to
see if it says if it’s heat treated if it says its heat treated then you don’t
need to sanitize it unless you really feel the need to but if it doesn’t say
that its heat treated I do recommend putting it on a baking tray and then
putting it in the oven you can bake it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20
minutes and should get rid of any bacterias or
fungus is growing in it another thing is that I recommend getting a sifter and
sifting through the children’s play sand a lot of people tend to say that it can
be too rough and it can wreck your hamsters coat and skin which I have
never seen any evidence of I’ve never seen a hamsters coat be wrecked from
children’s play stand but just to be on the safe side I do recommend sifting
through the play sand because children’s play sand it does tend to have thicker
pieces I think that’s what you would call it so it is a good idea to just
sift through it the next option is reptile sand I got this from Amazon for
$22 for a 10 pound bag now when looking at reptile sand there are a couple of
things you need to make sure the first thing is that it’s not dyed it needs to
be a 100% all natural and you also want to make sure there are no
minerals or calcium added those things can cause impaction which is actually
one of the reasons reptile owners don’t use calcium sand because it can harm
their reptiles so that goes for hamsters as well I think the reptile sand can be
a really great option if you don’t feel like going through all of the work of
the play sand of course you do get less but it is a lot softer and you don’t
have to sift through it and the last option of course is chinchilla bath sand
from your local pet store now this isn’t my favorite option one
for the price I paid $12 for about 700 grams of sand that is not a lot compared
to the other two options another reason that I don’t like this option is because
a lot of brands will say it’s Chinchilla bath scent and then it ends up being
super dusty like this kaytee chinchilla bath sand while it does say it’s 100%
volcanic Mountain pumice it is super dusty and it’s also obviously a much
different type of sand than the children’s play sand and the reptile
sand there also is a kind of a controversial brand going on right now
and that is the tiny friends farm sand a lot of people have said that the
formulas change and it has become a lot dustier
so actually went ahead and emailed the company so they did go ahead and email
me back and they did say that the formula has not changed and that’s the
type of material that they use is called sepiolite mineral which is a
naturally occurring clay mineral so there were a lot of people saying that
this sand actually clumps now but the reason for that would be because the
type of material that they use actually is very absorbent I even found that
someone has made a cat litter from this clay mineral because it clumps so
that would be one of the reasons that it clumps so because there isn’t a lot of
information for hamsters when it comes to which sand is safe there really is no
way to say whether or not this sand is safe or not personally I would avoid it
because there are other better options to use but just remember to use this at
your own risk now when giving your hamsters a sand
bath you are gonna want to provide them with a large container to bathe in I see
a lot of people often use these for their sand baths these are much too tiny
for your hamster to properly bathe in hamsters like to have a large sand dish
that they are able to dig in the corners and do little flips and things it’s also
recommended that in your sand baths you put a hideout or something similar to
that so that they can go in the hideout and dig and stuff so that they feel a
little bit safer to use the sand feel free to keep your hamster sand bath in
their cage 24/7 it won’t harm them the only thing is you just need to make sure
you are scooping out any poop and pee and other materials that get into the
sand bath which can be really easy if you get yourself a little sifter which
you can just get from the dollar store so hopefully this video has answered any
of your questions about sand I’ve just gotten so many that I thought it would
be a good idea to just sit down and answer them all so hopefully I have see
ya guys thank you for watching bye

100 thoughts on “All About Hamster Sand Baths!

  1. Happy Saturday! I now hope to never receive another question on what sand I use ? Anyways I hope this could help answer anyone's questions they had!

  2. Hey Victoria! I’ve been using children’s play sand, but I noticed recently that it contains ‘CRYSTALLINE SILICA’. It’s labeled as a carcinogen, so it concerns me! There’s research that humans only experience effects from it after decades of working around it.
    Anyone have an opinion about this or know of play sand that doesn’t contain this ingredient? It seems to be in most playsands!

    Thanks xx Kendall

  3. Can I use sand from deserts to give my hamsters sand baths? ( ik it sounds weird but I don’t have any markets or pet stores that sell sand )

  4. Hello! So I just need some clarification because you mentioned the kaytee chinchilla bath sand as an option but you said that it still had quite a bit of dust in it so is it safe or not? I already bought it before this video came out and it’s too late to return it. I probably won’t be able to get a safer option because my dad will think it is a waste to stop using that sand so if I can’t use it then my dwarf probably won’t be able to have anymore sand. Thank you and I’m sorry that I became one of those annoying people who keeps asking you questions.

  5. If You Are Reading This My Hamster Keeps Jumping Off The Platform Instead Of Going Back Down The Hamster Tube He Seems To Getting Injured Please Reply

  6. Hi!! I wanted to know If I could use Dessert sand, Since I live in middle east theirs alot of sand every where, But I'm not sure if it's that safe, could anyone help me?

  7. I just realized, my friend didn’t treat her hamster correct ? it had no sand bath, the cage was very tiny, and they was like a inch of bedding. It had almost no toys and a small wheel. ???

  8. I found a lot of comments saying that the tiny friends sand killed their hamsters and I just want to know if it really does that..

  9. Great! Thanks for your help my hamster is now happy!
    My hamster’s cage:
    Diy bin cage
    Cork logs
    Log hideout
    Strawberry hideout
    Blue hideout
    12 inch wheel
    One side with 12 inches of bedding at least
    White bedding

    I am also thinking about getting a dwarf hamster! First I have to make my dad see that they also need a big cage.

  10. Is the chinchilla bath sand bad then? Because it’s the one I have! Should I get a new one? My mom likes getting that one because we can just make a trip to the pet store and we don’t know where to get the other sands.

  11. I like all the content you posted, I think it is important to educate people more about hamster care. And you editing is so good, what do you use?

  12. Thank you for your advice, but I have a question. Do you think tiny friends farm is safe, because I sometimes use it?

  13. Thanks, I was just on amazon and had no idea what kind of sand to get. I'll try the reptile and play sand and see which I like better. Keep up the great videos, they are a really big help for me and others who are trying to give their pets the best care possible 🙂

  14. I just got the exact same children play sand and I’m glad I got it because it’s such a big bag for a cheap price

  15. When I shake my hamsters sand bath it produces some type of weird smoke! Not fire smoke but like a sand smoke and it gives me a headache is this normal? Someone please respond quickly!

  16. was going through Amazon looking for hamster supplies for my hamster and I saw this shirt that said I work hard to give my hamster a better life it was so adorable

  17. I just got my hamster, Finn, he is a Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster, he is getting more confident around his cage! I’m so so happy about it and I love watching your channel and learning more about him! ???

  18. thank you so much for this video! i did mess up and not watch a informational video before ordering chinchilla sand but i am now gonna cancel my order??

  19. just bought tiny friends farm bathing sand, it has killed a lot of hamsters (did not know that) so i that’s a waste of £4

  20. Hey Miss. Rachel. After it has been in the oven, does it need to cool down? And if so, how long. It was in for 20 minutes and backed at 350.

  21. Hey Victoria I have a question can i put the not yet heat treated sand into a microwave cuz i dont have an oven?

  22. I have the Tiny Friends Farm hamster bath sand and it does not clump plus its not dusty at all. Also I have a small sand bath for my hamster and O thought it was to small so I switched it for a bigger one and she refused to use it. She uses her small one all the time tho. So my hamster does not like big sand baths she likes small ones with roofs.

  23. i just got myself the same reptile sand and people at Petco or PetSmart doesn't provide the same information as hamster channels does

  24. I use chinchilla powder for my hammy because online it says it’s fine for them.. I feel so guilty for my hammy!?

  25. Hey Victoria! I really want a Hamster for Christmas so I'm watching all your videos to see how to take care of them! The videos are so cool!

  26. Is it absolutely needed for a hamster to sand bathe? Specifically Roborovskis?
    I have chinchillas and bathe them in dust, but I never knew hamsters need sand baths…

  27. I might be getting a new hamster soon, and because it’s been 7 years since I last got a hamster, I’m afraid that my knowledge is a little outdated. However I keep learning more and more (Also thanks to your videos) 🙂
    I do have one question about sand baths, i hope it’s not a stupid one lol.
    If I bake the children’s play sand, does It stay sterilized for a while, so can i keep some of it in a mason jar and then use it as a sand bath without having to bake the batch again. Or do I have to bake a new batch of sand individually, each time that I refresh the sand bath?
    I hope I made my question clear, English isn’t my first language so sometimes it’s a little difficult to make sure I wrote what I meant to say haha!
    Either way, thank you for your educational videos! They’re great ❤️

  28. I have a question I’m buying a hamster and my parents aren’t really going to help me which I understand I’ve gotten one before and did not go to well but I wanted to try again! Can I use beach sand and umm I know that’s a stupid question just asking ?

  29. I feel so stupid i am a child im 10 and i have been bathing my robo dwarf in water as soon as i learned this i broke into tears feeling horible i also have tiny tales hapster cage which is reviewed as horible i feel like ive ruined my hampsters life however if i dident know this at all i could have i am going to stop giving him baths in water and buy him a new cage thank you! ♡

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