1. This was a commercial for her and her business. I’ve own a champion offspring .usa Canadian and auzzi champion bloodlines. Many breeder snobs put down white boxer pups. Claiming hearing problems and not connecting them with pit bulls. These dogs are cancer magnets. I had to put mine down because of cancer,also boxers are a German breed,American GI brought boxers back from the war and the dog has changed drastically from its origin . That’s why she went over to Germany to get pups. The real German boxer is more a smaller version of a bull mastif. They guarded mansions and farms,there heads were more square and crazy drive. I tried to buy a German boxer over 30 years ago when mine passed they were almost impossible to get. They are very great with children,mine guarded my infant girls room and sleep in her door way UNTILL she was 5. They will protect children to the death,even if they don’t know them. Neighborhood kids would play in my yard and feel safe the dogs use to do a head count and go roam the yard if a child went home. Also they love to play with children. Tug of war with a rope,mine would jump up to a tree branch and hang by his teeth while the kids played in the tree.
    You can’t get a better family dog and there not on the home owners insurance list for extra coverage like a Shepard or pit does.

  2. My boxer used to Sence when my young son was going to have an epileptic seizure and model her breathing so he would copy her breathing rhythm , ultimately getting breathing again more calmly.

  3. Boxers are old English bulldogs and bull terriers? That not right the dog came from Germany and was made with a molossar type of dog

  4. I do think that Boxers have alot of good traits. To bad they drool so much.I used to have a Landlord that had a big white Boxer. Good looking dog,but unfortunately deaf and it drooled to much for my taste. Now if I wanted a dog to keep out in the yard I'd maybe consider one. But for now I'm more interested in keeping them inside.Admittedly living in an apartment we have to keep our mutt inside. But I've gotten used to it and like having it in with us.Maybe our next dog will maybe be a purebred. It's abit odd,my Dad wouldn't have a house dog. For him it had to be a hunting dog. Except that once when he had a farm for a short time he had a cur of some kind that he said was a good farm dog.

  5. Sounds like this women wishes she had a bull terrier or an American pitbull terrier. Dream it until you think it but there is no English bull terrier or terrier in the boxer breed.

  6. I love the undocked tails. Unless someone docks the tail for a practical purpose such as hunting, than its unnecessary to dock a dogs tail. To do it simply for appearance is cruel.

  7. what's old girl on about she completely disregarding the German lineage of this breed developed and made in Germany lol how so

  8. My boxer best guard dog I ever had, his aggressiveness growls are legendary. He beat up a American pitbull terrier who jumped into our yard. My boxer is happy, loyal follows me around the yard and playfull.

  9. She is absolutely wonderful and she should know that.

    She's got an interesting take on their origins. I wouldn't have thought the McKenzie being in there, but I see it as she's pointed it out. I'm surprised she hadn't mentioned anything about the American showline being derived from popular lookalike sires in the mid 20th century, partly due from their popularity as a celebrity pet. I think it was Frank Sinatra that got that ball rolling if I'm not mistaken. Before then, people stateside practically didn't know anything about them.

    I wish her the best of luck. It's thanks to those line and their persistence to the "flash" coat getting more points in the show ring that many more health issues then mentioned here have become far too prevalent and equally accepted within the breed, and it's simply not fair to the buyers of these dogs looking for all that's beautiful in them, as she's mentioned, to then be landed with a genetic medical mess beyond their ability to work with and control. I hope her efforts also popularize working your pet dogs as just fun, I think too many people equate dog sport with with some Olympic level training event when it's admission fee is nothing more then gathering a few supplies that's easy to improvise and making up a fun routine to follow.

  10. My boxer was killed by a rottweiler so to prevent anything like that from happening i now have a Presa canario

  11. The boxer is a much older breed than a English Bull Terrier. It dose t have any English Bull Terrier in it. That particular cross breed (English Bull Terrier/ Bulldog) would look like a big American Pit Bull terrier with a slightly longer snout and it would be predisposed to the gene for the white coat, deafness and blindness.
    Great Danes derives from the Pakistani Bully Kutta. The Bearbanizer crossed to the early Great Danes & early English bulldogs created the bullbanizer and thus the modern European boxer and then the lesser American Boxer.

  12. Haha, thought she kept saying bullion baster. Then I realized what she meant. Bullenbeisser pronunciation = Bull-en-bye-sir

    That being said, overall Kathy is very well spoken and full of good information. Thanks for sharing.

  13. It's funny how she says the breed's origin is made up and then She has her own Guess that she made up. ?

  14. Seriously, your channel is the best when it comes to dog information. One breed I'd love to see on here one day is the Canaan Dog.

  15. No Brasil Nós ja temos um cão dessa Origem chamado Bullboxer ou Dogue Brasileiro. Cão feito especialmente para guarda civil! São Incríveis e muito saudáveis.

  16. I never knew boxer were so muscular! All of them that I saw growing up must have been show line. The just looked slender and not very fierce/intimadating looks wise. These working line dogs have changed my opi6of the breed!! May consider getting a boxer!

  17. Sorry but the origin of the boxer is not a myth there is more than just story's about the breed they used to create the boxer there is pictures for a start. When doing research I read that the breed you called mythical, don't know the spelling? Had English bulldog in its making amongst other breeds and that English bulldog was also used but why does that mean mean that the modern boxer is an end X ebt? Boxers are like most breeds a mixture of many breed's with a main base breed don't forget people had breeds as the popularity grows! Good video tho of some quality looking dogs working which is always good!

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