Alip Ba Ta “Canon Rock” Reaction with my cat Adolpho

hi guys welcome back to my channel I’m
sorry my cat Adolpho is bothering me he’s so heavy he’s so fat, I think he’s
15 pounds by now anyway if you are true Alipers you should have known the song
that I just played. That’s right because Alip has covered this song and it’s a
Canon in D, and I’m so excited to hear his cover because this is actually
one of my favorite songs, I used to play this many many years ago and I haven’t
played it in many years until just now so and I have to tell you one thing
every time Alip covered a song he always surprised me because he always put
something different to that song to make it his own and the way he played the
melody and the bass and the harmony is so special to me
and people can play fast with speed that’s a lot of practice but I think in
my opinion he has a good ear so that’s why he is able to play these songs
perfectly so yeah let’s let’s start I’m so excited I cannot wait to hear him
play let’s see nice Oh different! I knew it, see he makes the song his own
because he is playing with a different style oh that’s why it’s called Canon
rock okay so he make it different all right oh nice
Wow nice yeah and he makes that rhythm with his
right hand pinky nice nice I love this part look at him he’s looking around like I like that change he made it different
but it’s good nice hmm
that’s an alternate melody I love it oh he made it pentatonic right?
oh my god that is unexpected at all oh my god oh wow that last that last
part is a nice touch oh my god I knew it that he would make something different
with the song and but I didn’t expect that at all yeah that’s really good I am
really impressed again that last part was a surprise that’s really good
oh my god I am so impressed I am going to watch this again especially that last
part maybe I can try it on my piano and yeah it will take me some time to
practice but I think I’m really interested in playing that now and make
it like like the way he covered the song yeah oh my God thank you for the
recommendation guys I cannot name you one by one there are so many people and so
many recommendation but this is a really good cover by Alip, I’m really
impressed again I keep saying that and I’m a big Aliper fan and and yeah I am
going to listen to this again especially that last part, I said that before, but
once again thank you very much for the recommendation, and I’ll try to cover
another song soon, that’s it goodnight bye!

100 thoughts on “Alip Ba Ta “Canon Rock” Reaction with my cat Adolpho

  1. May you can make some collaboration with Alip… it would be great… btw I always like your reaction… god job sir ?

  2. Actually he didnt make it according his own style.. he just re-make funtwo cover style.. but funtwo use electric guitar and alip use accoustic guitar

  3. Hi Ben … ✌??
    The most famous work of Johann Pachelbel, the German composer Baroque (1653-1706), is "canon in D", the only canon he composed.

    Canon here is a piece of music that is characterized by imitation and repetition.

    First one instrument or vocal introduces a part of the melody. Then, after a few notes, the second instrument or start vocal to repeat, or imitate, the first melody, plays the exact same note, but with a lag time. More instruments or vocals can be added, depending on the wishes of the composer.
    But here Alip_Ba_Ta is not playing Johann's work but re-arrangement of the original "canon in D" version by Johann Pachelbel into a rock version of Jerry Chang or more popularly known as Jerry C the genius guitarist from Taiwan who successfully arranged the canon in D "

    Jerry C is an Asian guitarist who is quite worldwide thanks to his promotion through internet technology.

    His name skyrocketed after the video "Canon Rock" which he recorded through the webcam became mega hits on the video sharing site, YouTube.

    Even '' Canon Rock '' arrangement became the 6th most favorite video (the most watched) in the history of the founding of YouTube, even though it is a video played by a South Korean amateur guitarist named Jeong-Hyun Lim.

  4. go check fay ehsan the hidden treasure from indonesia too..
    i guarantee he will blow your mind..
    go check it.. even alif is one of his fan..

    edit: fay ehsan : pray for bali

  5. I like your reaction to alip's work … it's genuine
    I know you're indonesian living in us from your other post
    perhaps a post about how you ended up in the state would be interesting …..

  6. Uncle please react ayu gusfanz from indonesia.cover yngwe malmmsten – BLITZKRIEG. She's now 14 years old.. AYU amazing uncle ??????

  7. Hi praben
    Alipbata does have good hearing and taste so that it can translate the song into his guitar
    Regarding pentatonic I agree with you alip play it at the end
    In Indonesia pentatonic tones are widely used in our traditional musical instrument
    Keep smiling and happy?

  8. This is very objective reactions, and also great play from Alip . What make Alip version is special is actually he's playing canon rock version which usually plays with electric guitar, rather than regular canon in d which mostly plays with acoustic guitar. So the tempo/speed is rather fast as we can see in rock/electric guitar version, but he can produce sound as pure as acoustic version. You can also see he is playing with standard acoustic guitar less than US$ 500 and also simple recording tools without any sound effect and with continuous play from beginning to the end. Sorry for my bad english.

  9. Thank you for the subscribe, Alipers. Next time I will check the volume first before taping, my apology. I am not a true YouTuber, just doing this for fun, someone asked me to do a reaction video. I hope you still enjoy my reaction though, I was truly very surprised by his cover, so creative. He has a gift! I will invite my friends for future videos so they will know Alip. For subtitles please click the CC button. Thank you.

  10. I will always waiting for your reaction for another Alip's cover. I like the way you react for.
    I wish you would make a reaction for Best I've Ever Had, a unique cover by Alip. Thank you..

    **Btw, you missed the end of this cover.

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