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Hello everyone! I think it’s going to be another busy day
in the treatment room today. Shall we see who’s in the waiting room? Oh look! It’s Lilly the dog, ALICE the Ant and her
family, and, and… I’m sure I had another appointment. Yes, Dr Poppy, Felix the Tortoise has an appointment
at 10:00 which is now, but he hasn’t arrived yet. OK, I’m sure he’ll turn up. In the meantime, let’s welcome ALICE the Ant. Ants like to be with other ants and live in
groups called colonies. Most ants are “worker ants” and they use team
work to build the nest, protect their queen, and find food for the rest of colony. Hello ALICE, what’s wrong, why aren’t you
with the rest of the colony? Oh I see Alice. You’ve got a bad back from carrying too much. It looks like you’ve been trying to do too
much by yourself. When you try to carry too much and you do
it on your own. You’re making life more tricky whereas you
could make it known. That you need a little help and your friends
can clearly see a helping hand is welcome. Work together that’s the key
Share the load, its going to help each one of you on the road
to moving on Share the load
you need a little give and take. We can help each other
to be strong and be brave. So, there you go ALICE, do you think you’ll
let your family and friends help you a bit more now? Here, wear this back support, which will help
when you are carrying things. Well done, you’re all working together as
a team! Teamwork makes the dream work! Oh dear, it’s 10.30 and it looks like Felix
still isn’t here. Let’s take a look at Lilly then shall we. LILLY is a breed of dog called a Beagle. Did you know that a beagle could use its powerful
sense of smell to follow another animal’s tracks even if they are buried under deep
snow? Welcome , welcome LILLY. What seems to be the problem? You look very itchy Lilly, shall we take a
closer look at your fur and see what’s making you so itchy? Let’s use this magnifying glass! A magnifying glass helps us to see tiny things
very clearly and in more detail Ah ha! Just as I expected. You have jumpy, itchy little fleas having
a party in your fur. Robbo, can you fetch the Flea Vacuum please? Let’s suck those little fleas right up! Let’s count the fleas! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! That’s it, we got them all! Those pesky fleas are so troublesome. Look, they’re carrying on with their party! Lilly, you are now flea free! Oh look! Here comes Felix at 11 o clock. Felix, you’re an hour late! Tortoises can live for a very long time. Some can live to 150 years old! I think I already know what the problem is
Felix. Are you tired of being late for everything? It must be very difficult walking quickly
with that big heavy shell of yours. Do you have any ideas Robbo? I do have something in mind. Rollerskates! Great idea ROBBO! Let’s try on this pair of rollerskates. Let’s try it out Felix. Try and zoom around the cones… Ready, steady GO! Well done Felix. I don’t think you’ll be late again! Thanks for all of your help today. We’ll see you again soon. Byeeee!

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