Ali-A Bird Meme

grandayy is better then dolan dank any day of the week. Welcome everyone my name’s Ali-A And today we’re gonna be diving into the future of Fortnite and see what the developers are gonna be working on for the next few months including Yes, DRAGONS in Fortnite New game modes…. What they’re gonna be doing with new weapons… *Jazz Music stops* *Ali-a intro instensifies* DUN DUN DUN DUUUN DUUUUN DUUUN DUN DUN DUN

100 thoughts on “Ali-A Bird Meme

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  2. let's go, lose control 3,2,1 drop it jgndojdhnfghoijsnhdfhnoidfjhn0dfighjmnod0fjhnid0ofijhn0odftzghagjnaidug0jhdu8g0pkjrig0ah78hd08ghad

  3. Grand-A: including, yes, dragons in Fortnite.
    Me: Oh please, dragons in Fortnite is about as likely as you not making a clickbait video.

  4. Yknow that people who say they see justin y or stickmaster everywhere are everywhere themselves if they see them everywhere

  5. Lets go,lose on the control,1 2 3,drop it


  6. Anyone now: talking about FORTNIGHT
    What I hear: disgust disgust disgust disgust DISTGUST faith in humanity is lost

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