Algae Eaters That Will Help Clean Your Aquarium!

hey y’all welcome back mandy from my
hectic life pets where we talk about all things Pat and pet related and today
we’re going over my top five favorite algae eaters for your aquarium number
one is the Amano shrimp these little guys are pretty easy to care for and
they are very small in size so they work great in nano tanks with them reaching
sizes of only one to two inches they make a great addition to almost any tank
these little guys can withstand a pretty wide temperature range of between 70 and
80 degrees and they are hard little workers these guys are big eaters so not
only will they help take care of algae in your aquarium but if you keep live
plants they will also take care of any dead or decaying plant matter as well as
they will help clean up any excess fish food number two is the knee right snail
knee rights nails are another fantastic addition even in nano aquariums as they
only get to be about a half an inch to an inch in size knee rights nails come
in a variety of patterns and colors so they make an attractive addition to your
aquarium now these guys are hard little workers that will consume many different
forms of algae making them a fantastic worker for you now these guys also do
have a pretty wide temperature range of between 72 and 80 degrees these guys do
tend to thrive better in water with a higher pH of between seven point five
and eight point seven one of the fun benefits of having a knee right snail
versus many other types of freshwater snails is that they require brackish or
salt water to be able to breed so if you are keeping them in a freshwater
aquarium you don’t have to worry about their population rising number three is
the bristlenose pleco the bristle nose or bushy nose pleco is a ravenous
eater especially when they are younger and they only get to be it between four
to six inches so they are one of these smaller species of glucose Thomas out
there the minimum tank size for these guys is 20 gallons so you do want to
take that into consideration if you are planning on adding one to your aquarium
these guys can be relatively peaceful and while they can survive in cooler
water conditions they tend to thrive best between 72 and 80 degrees and the
bristlenose ideal pH in the water is going to be
between 6.5 and 7.5 number four is the Malaysian trumpet snail now while some
would consider the Malaysian trumpet snail to be a pest nail there are many
people in the hobby who will seek these guys out with their average size being
only about one inch these are another wonderful addition for a nano aquarium
but do be whereas these guys can breed quite easily and you want to make sure
that you keep the population in check now these guys will tolerate
temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees although they are another species that
does require a little bit higher pH number five is the twig catfish now
these guys can get to be around six inches so the minimum tank size for them
will be at least a twenty gallon although many would argue a minimum of
thirty gallons is much more suitable for them they do best in temperatures
between 75 and 80 degrees now the twig catfish tends to be a little bit more
sensitive to any fluctuations in water parameters so you do want to keep this
in mind as they are not necessarily a beginner fish so these are some of my
favorite algae eaters that are available out there there are many more that I
would like to add on the list but that would make for a very long video algae
eaters can make a fantastic addition to your aquarium as they help cut down on
the algae in your tank and help cut down on scrubbing and many of them also help
with taking care of any of that excess fish-food because I know we’re all
pretty much guilty of now and then over feeding our fish so that’s all for
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9 thoughts on “Algae Eaters That Will Help Clean Your Aquarium!

  1. Great video. I may have to make one like this myself because 2 of my favorite algae eaters weren't on your list and are very common in the hobby but overlooked for their algae eatting benefits.

  2. Love me some bristlenose! They have to be my favourite for the variety of species you can get like the super red and albino etc. Great video ?

  3. I have a half water half land tank for my pixie frog. The water side is probably around 7 gallons. I need some sort of algae fix chemical or an algae eater for my tank. The problem is that my frog has a big appetite and might eat them. Someone please give me some suggestions.

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