Alabama’s First Cat Café

For some reason, I’ve always really liked
the word Gato. Gatos and Beans. Cats and coffee. It just stuck. Gatos and Beans
is the first cat cafe in Alabama and we are really excited about it. I never
really actually planned to do this with my life. I just kind of came across the
idea on the Internet. We’ve been open for a little over two weeks. We opened on the
20th of July. What do you do when you go to a cafe? You sit, and you drink coffee,
and you chill out, and it’s a quiet time for you. Well for people who like coffee
and cats, zen moment, hang out. Something about petting a cat is just
relaxing. A cat cafe is a coffee shop with an adoption center inside. It’s separated clearly by a wall with some viewing windows so that it keeps the
coffee and everything fur free, but you can take your coffee in there. You pay
for your admission and you get a drip coffee or coke or a bottled water. Or you
can upgrade to a latte or a mocha or something on the menu. And you go in and
you take your coffee in there and you just hang out with the cats. I love everything about cats, but for me, as a person who’s fostered cats over the
years, there’s such a need for cats to find homes. Kitty Cat Haven and Rescue is
who I partner with. They do a fantastic job. They’ve adopted close to probably
three thousand cats in the last three years. It’s just amazing how many cats
are available for adoption whether it be through Kitty Cat Haven or any of the other rescues in town. Everybody does as much as they can do, if not more, to try
to make it better. For us to be able to facilitate helping find all these cats
homes is the most important reason to be here, outside of a good cup of coffee. If you find that you are wanting to
adopt one of our cats, you would fill out an adoption form and I would
screenshot it to the director of Kitty Cat Haven. Based on your application form,
I would probably ask pertinent questions about if it’s gonna be a good fit for
you to have a cat. It’s a hundred dollars, but they come fully vetted, all their
shots, spayed and neutered, microchipped. They’re ready to go for you to take them
home. I was really hoping to already have had
some adoptions. On average, some of the cat cafes around the country do about
250 to 300 adoptions a year. I don’t know how that happens. I’m not sure everybody
understands that our cats are up for adoption. We did get a new sign, a
homemade sign. That is gonna hopefully help people understand that they’re all
up for adoption. I think right now people are just coming because we’re new and
they just want to see what we’re doing. Maybe once the word gets out a little
more it’ll be better understood that these cats need homes. So we have nine.
Rabbit, she’s a little brown haired tabby. She is the one that’s the most
feisty. Some people really want a cat that challenges them. Nikki, who’s our
orange striped tabby cat. Lura is our resident old lady cat. She was found
frozen in somebody’s driveway a couple years ago. She had a terrible upper
respiratory infection. It took weeks to get her well. And Earl, who’s our Manx. I
think he’s up in the window somewhere. Seraphina, who’s a tortoiseshell. She’s a
little standoffish, but she likes people to hang out with her. She just doesn’t
really want to be handled. She likes to be petted. If you sit next to her she’ll
stay there forever and let you pet her. The mission is truly to help support the
adoptions of cats in the Birmingham area. Of course, as a business, we have to be a
business, but the real reason for cat cafes is to help find homes for cats.
Everybody that does this does it because of the cats. It’s not really because of
us. It’s not because we think that we’re
going to get rich and retire on a cat cafe. We do it because we want to. I love cats. It is solely about giving these guys a
future with somebody who’s going to take them home and love them.

10 thoughts on “Alabama’s First Cat Café

  1. This is such an awesome idea! Fully vetted and healthy,adoptable kitties . This lady is just precious. ❤️??. Im in Alabama, about 2 hrs from Bham. I may have to go visit. ?

  2. I want to do this!!! I love this idea. I have in my home 4 FurBabies. I love my cats & I almost are a member off just MOST CAT CLUBS!!! MY cats have become my Emotional Sevice Pets. I would like to to bring this to my home town to help rescue cats & help them to become Service Pets. Please email me & I will send my number.

    Love & Thank you,
    [email protected]

  3. If you’re a pregnant woman avoid cats like the plague look up Toxoplasmosis you don’t want your kids to have brain worms

  4. Dogs are way better than cats
    They’re way more loyal, obey commands, love going on walks, and hot sorority girls love them.
    There’s a reason the crazy cat lady stereotype exists

  5. Wonderful idea! Sharing this video on Facebook right now! Good luck adopting out the little fur babies!!

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