Airgun Hunting: Pest Control Shooting with the Air Arms S200

We’ve come out here today it’s a
beautiful evening sun is shinning it’s really hot not a lot of wind and we’re doing a
bit of pest control. On this location we’ve got a lot of animals you wouldn’t
find on a normal farm we’ve also got cows and things that you’d normally find on a
farm but the jackdaws are really running out of control, they’re everywhere so if we can thin a couple of those down that’d be great.
There’s also squirrels, rabbits digging up the paddocks in the fields and if any
of the animals put their legs down there it could really do them some harm when
they may have to be put down so that’s quite important that we thin out their
population as well gonna make the most of the sunshine now and often do some shooting. There’s a couple of jackdaws just come
down in the normal feel like worth just stalking on see if we can get a shot
through the fence? See that jackdaw on the fence. Quite often there’s a rat around this
corner there’s a lot of chickens in this shed and the farm managers ask me
especially to knock a bit for dent in the population normally come here with a
night vision but quite often I’ve seen some running around this time of day so
we’re just gonna have a quick sneak around see if there’s any foraging. So we’ve had a lot of rats around this
particular area they’ve been going underneath the shed, underneath the
foundations of it and then up into the chicken coop. Rats kill chickens they
chew off the head and it just kills them not only that they eat the eggs as well
when you’re trying to get eggs to sell it’s not really great. But that rat was
just wandering around he seemed very docile I’m not sure whether it’s the
heat or maybe he’s had a bit of poison in his system I’m not sure but we just
put him out of his misery just like that and he’s just dead underneath the
branches there but I’m gonna come back to this location when nights falling and
put the night-vision on at some point and see if we can get a few more if
they’re out this time of day there’s gonna be a lot more at night. That was a nice 35 foot yard jackdaw
there got him with a chest shot so he squawked a bit but as soon as he was out
of oxygen there was nothing left to him he dropped down in a big sludge pit I’ve
let him down there and he’ll just rot with everything else. Bit of a shame
because I would have liked to have used him as a decoy I’m gonna have to see if
we can get another one and maybe set that one up okay it’s a lovely evening
we’ll just carry I’m walking around and see if we can come across anything else. We’re just gently walking along this bit
of woodland here came across a magpie an old dead tree so I line up the
crosshairs well first I laid him at 39 yards so I gave it my 40-yard aim
point which was a mil dot drop that I went straight down but before I had a
chance to pick it up I heard a pigeon trying to mate in the tree above me so I
turned around the one flew off the obviously for mating to occur there’s
got to be two so I stuck around had a look and then I just saw a pigeon
waddling across a branch raised the rifle it was a freehand and supported
shot there was rests around but from the angle that it was I only had a thin
letterbox to post the pellet through it’s just drop straight away one of the
great things about shooting here is nothing is wasted, this pigeon will just
go straight back into the animals and they’ll butcher them off and make light
work of them another benefit with shooting them with the air rifle is are
not full of lead so with a shotgun they wouldn’t be able to eat him because
there’s only one pellet in it generally in the head it’s no problem the animals
health it’s going to pick up that that magpie. Well, I’ve just shot a magpie retrieved it, now w’ere gonna set it up as a decoy so I’ve just got this branch just a v-stitch so
just trim off all the rough edges then I’m gonna stick that in the ground,
prop the magpies head up in there and I think I’m gonna use one of the dead
pigeons or maybe the dove that’s a little bit smaller pluck some feathers up
just so it’s obviously dead then place the magpie over that bird. Corvids around
there while corvids anywhere love dead things whether it be squirrels, rabbits,
pigeons whatever it is they’ll feed off it so I’m going to place that out there
hopefully bringing a few of the corvids flying around, there’s a solid flight line coming over the behind us here I’ve had some success in the past let’s here we go. I’ve just set up the decoy behind me,
I’ve put it next to a dead tree so plan is they’ll see the bird they won’t come
straight down to it but they’ll landing the dead tree and have a bit of a pier
at it before they fly down and then hopefully I’ll whack them before they
have a chance to go down into the grass they’re quite inquisitive and a little
bit nervous I’m really hoping that you stay in that tree for a little bit longer to allow me to shoot them, we’ll see how it goes, we’ve had one come in now so it’s a good start already. If the flight line changes and they start
coming straight over our heads and spotting us before they land put up a
scrim net or a camo hind, that way we’ll just have a little bit of cover to
stop them from spotting us that’s so far so good. We’ve had a few come over we’ve had a few
land but the couple that have haven’t landed it’s because they’ve seen us and
flared off. Now, we’re here to do a job I want the biggest bag as possible so
I’m just gonna put up this camo net I’ll put another one over the top of him
we’ll just sit in this box you know keep us a lot more concealed and hopefully
the jackdaws won’t see us quite so much. We’re sat in the hind now, it’s going
really well just sitting in this hind that little bit extra concealment has
really helped us the birds are flying over completely unaware of our presence
so definitely worth pointing up today. We’ve just had a bonus rut as well, he’s dead on the floor down there we’re gonna have a walk around now I haven’t had any come
in for a little bit so pigeons will start to be coming in to roost and the
rabbits might be out as well we’ve had a real good mixed bag today hopefully
we’ll put a few more down so let’s back at this side and have a bit of a mooch. So knowing this ground fairly well, I knew
that there’d be a couple of rabbits in this field sure enough there was spotted
rabbits on the outskirts of the field here was a bit too far seventy yards and
I knew that I needed to get in a bit closer so I used the enclosure as a bit
of a camouflage I’ve just got really tight into its stalks into about 55
yards blazed it on the rangefinder and they got down put the Spartan bipod on
and got ready for a nice prone solid shot and just rolled it over beautifully
didn’t know anything about it so that’s really good really good humane shot
which is what we’re always after. Even the young rabbits on this field have to
be controlled because if any of the animals put their foot down one of the
rabbit holes and break a leg they could have to be put down which is really not
acceptable so that’s where I come in, thin out as many as I can and keep the farmer
happy and the animals safe. So, today we’ve also been taking control of some
of the jackdaws and magpies and other corvids. These are really important to
control at the minute because the lamps are very young and being pestered by
jackdaws, crows and other corvids just isn’t wanted in this sort of
environment they also defecate in the meal in the food and eat the grain as
well the risk of disease being spread is just too high so really need to keep on
top of the numbers here so a few more visits back it’s definitely needed
because there’s still a hell of a lot flying around. We’ve also shot a couple of rats today pretty self-explanatory you can’t have
rats running around I mean they’re really unhygienic, they are dirty, carry
disease and a place like this when you’ve got really sort of quite rare
animals you don’t want them being harmed or even killed by rats especially when
it comes to the chickens and things like that not that they’re rare but you still
not where I’m killed. The rifle I’m using today is my trusty Air Arms S200 this is a single shot, I haven’t fitted the multi shot adapter simply because I like having the scope
as low as possible to the barrel and molar shot wouldn’t fit under there. Scope on top is the Hawke Air Max 4×12 by 40. Lovely scope, this is the 25 mil tube variant value for money wise spot-on absolutely love it
love the AMX reticle fantastic for hunting like we’ve been doing today, hunting rabbits, jackdaws corvids, just brilliant. You’ve got clear aim points
got windage lines as well and spot on. They are held on by Sports Match Mounts 25 mil lows yeah and it’s just a brilliant all-around gun. Got a silencer on the ends that keeps the muzzle crack down. Today we’ve been
having shots that things would not want jackdaw down and other ones come
straight back so they haven’t even noticed it the crack of the muzzle you
might I noticed when I took that rabbit I used the Spartan Javelin Bipod.
Superlight and it doesn’t always have to be on the bottom of a gun I didn’t
really want a bipod that was always wearing my gun down I wanted something
that I could stick in my pocket quickly take off especially if I was shooting
HFT competition but then when I come to need it just click it back on and be
good to go. For gutting the rabbits and skinning the pigeons and cutting bits of
sticks for decoy and I’ve just got the Leatherman Wave. Really nice more it’s
all perfect for stuff like this you’ve got everything on there but I sawed off
a high build in my case a knife for everything else, so that’s a great bit of
kit and one that’s always in my hunting equipment. The rangefinder up and using
the Hawke LRF 400, spot on you point out whatever you want to shoot it gives you
the range doesn’t get any better than that simplicity and ease of use it’s
just brilliant and it’s all I need just something that’ll tell you the range
from 10 yards out to 55 yards and that’s pretty much it all my gear wrapped up.
Well, we’ve had a cracking day today 4 pigeon, 2 jackdaws, a dove, a rabbit
and a magpie. So, a real mixed bag I’ve just seen the farm manager, he’s really
happy with the work done today yeah we’ll definitely be back for another go
there’s still loads to be had loads of pigeons flying around and jackdaws, it
really is an ongoing sort of mission but the key with air rifle shooting is come
little and often and that’s the way to do the job properly so looking forward
to the next time it’s been a lovely evening I think it’s time to go I’m
gonna have some tea as it is half past nine.

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  1. Fantastic shooting fella. Really enjoying your vids. Anytime your yorkshire way, msg me and i would love to take you on my patch. Keep up the good work.

  2. Great video, good shooting mate, ignore any negative comments, some people look for negativity rather than offering a young shooter support, well done and keep up the good work, enjoying your vids.?

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  7. Good video…I understand the need to cull pests for the reasons you give. I have difficulties with red squirrels, chipmunks and raccoons. Hatsan 95 in .177/Crosman Premier Dome @ 7.9gr/Center Point 4 x 32 with mil-dot, very effective combo out to 30 yds.

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