Airedale vs Welsh vs Lakeland Terrier Difference

Welsh Terrier Lakeland Terrier an Airedale Terrier free not-so-popular breed that look very similar to each other in this video I will tell you what other differences between these free dog breeds hi triumphs America ugh let's start with eases which is Airedale Terrier its thesis to recognize because they are the biggest dog from these free dog breeds and do terrier height is around 60 centimeters while Welsh and Lakeland Terrier can grow up to around 40 centimeters something like that as you can see it's not that hard to distinguish Airedale Terrier from the other two and that is why I will mainly focus on Welsh and Lakeland Terrier in this video but don't worry I will talk about Airedale as well okay now let's focus on the Welsh and later on terrier they are very similar in appearance size temperament they're very similar and energy needs exercise needs there's very similar in almost every aspect but there are some slight differences between them the first is very small but it is that the Welsh Terrier is a little bit bigger than the life anterior but the difference is very small so you might not even notice it both dogs are black and tan but only for Welsh Terrier it is the only breed standard legendary can be found in many different colors Welsh Terrier actually would like small version of Airedale Terrier both have black back and Dan had legs and hand quarters lakeland can be in other colors such as solid black dark gray Wheaton red and brown as I said wash their ears look like small version of Airedale Terrier or Airedale Terrier look like big version of Welsh Tara doesn't matter probably but life and terrier is again a little bit different their neck is a little bit longer and their chest is slightly narrower all three dogs from the title of this video are Terriers which is definition by itself it means that they are independent hunters they were bred to hunt and to kill well Welsh Terrier is little bit different or if we talk about a temperament and personality was is slightly different they tend to be friendlier especially towards other strange dogs and they are a little bit into more intelligent and easier to train and a Lycan and Welsh Terrier all of these are brave and fearless dogs it's highly recommended to not provoke them because they can become aggressive but if you are nice to them they will be most of the time nice to you I said that Welsh Terrier is easier to train than the other two it's true but none of these dogs are easiest to train I'm not saying they're hard to train but they are not easy to train as well they are terriers and Terriers in general are not easy to train dogs they are trainable they are intelligent it's true but there are some dogs that are much easier to Train like Labradors but of course there are some dogs that are harder to Train like Afghan hound they're somewhere in the middle but I would not because of this I would not recommend them to novice dog owner but of course with good leadership and patience you can you can have obedient well are there or Lakeland Terrier I also said it Welsh Terrier is little bit friendlier and a little bit more intelligent than the other two but that doesn't matter that like land and air they are not friendly or intelligent they are all these dogs are their temperament is super similar the differences are very small all these dogs are very affectionate towards their family and they are great with smaller kids especially the Welsh Terrier is great with small kids but all of them if they are properly socialized they will be amazing with small kids and on most of them will have no problem with other dogs and strangers last thing I want to mention that all free dogs have in common and that is very important is their energy level it's very very high they need to do something every single day you should take them on daily long walks and it's better if you have garden where they can run as they which actually Airedale Terrier is very hard to adjust to apartment living so the garden is kind of must humming commands which one is your favorite Lakeland Welsh or Airedale Terrier if you're new on this channel consider subscribing turn the notifications on and check our Instagram and Facebook links are in description thank you for watching see you in the next video

20 thoughts on “Airedale vs Welsh vs Lakeland Terrier Difference

  1. What a nice video! We had an Airedale terrier and now we own a Welsh, both similar in appearance and energy level yet so different in their character

  2. Lakeland!!!! I had the best! His name was Sydney. He was a bit snippy in his older age and would bark “under his breath.” I kid you not, it was a gargling bark, but we just said he was cussing us out when we told we were correcting him. We trained him VERY early so we didn’t have any issue there. He just got sick in the last few years. I love that dog!!! #Family #LakelandALLDay

  3. Sorry, wrong. My lakeland is extremely friendly with almost all dogs. Its a common misconception that Lakelands are less friendly than Welsh or other dogs. Just wrong. Mine is extremely friendly with dogs and children.

  4. Welsh terrier definitely not small Airedale! Welsh terrier is much older breed. I own both. I wouldn’t vote on my favourite as I love them both?

  5. We have a 12 yr old Airedale and really love her. At our ages, if we ever get another dog, it would be the smaller Welsh Terrier. Thank you.

  6. Another GREAT AND INFORMATIVE VIDEO!!! You are so knowledgable about the many different breeds of dogs. I like the Airedale Terrier the best because of the larger size.

  7. I did not know there are *three separate breeds of same type of dog!!

    ThankYou for clarifying and showing us all here on U Tube; I learned something new today !!?

    Who knew there were this many types?

  8. Happy Holidays
    & A Very Merry and Blessed Christmas to You and all in Your Family ???? !!!
    Happiest, Healthiest & Most Prosperous New Years and GODs BLESSINGS 2 YOU & YOUR FAMILY!!!

    I really *do Appreciate and Very Much Enjoy Your Videos you have taken the time to create and make about all the dogs!!????

    You have Expert Knowledge about all the different Dog Breeds, their individual Requirements and Temperments!!

    I cant say enough;

    Thank You So Verrry much for taking the time and efforts to create all these great videos!!
    I have learned so much from them??

    Happy Holidays and Gods Blessings to You and all your Family!!

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