Air Jordan 3 Animal Instinct Still Sitting (Worth It?)

Welcome back to the channel if you guys are new My name is DJ and if you didn’t know this is the DNA show if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button Don’t forget to drop a comment down below as we go along this video and let me know what you guys are thinking about this Sneaker. Let’s go ahead and get right into it Obviously, I just got this pack in the mail We got the thank-you box with the Nike tape, which I hate but oh, well, let’s get into it. So First things first, let’s start with the box alone. We have seen this on the newer boxes They’ve been going with that old-school vibe with the multiple photos around the box similar to the Air Jordans six seven and eight pack just kind of You know Setting its tone for this era of sneakers and something cool to look in the sneaker collection as you stack these on your wallet shoes How much are these worth what are they going for? What are the materials like all these different questions? So let’s get into the materials first issue is covered in Pony hair It has a black and white creamish type off white midsole white on the inside of the bubbles you got your tan gum sole with the white and black pots black on the Jordan branding everybody loves gum soles and this is definitely Something different when it comes to the Air Jordan 3 I think it’s a pretty dope hit because gum so does well on a lot of shoes now when it comes to the upper you Got about three four, maybe even five considerably different Animals when it comes to the animal pack you got your zebra You got your leopard you got your cheetah and you have your tiger in the satin on the tongue and on the sock liner is A one the insole is already insole with a white Jumpman on the back tab You have a tan gummitch type Jordan back tab and then you got your black Air Jordan with the Jordan Jumpman logo I think if this was a collaboration it would have done better, but it is what it is I think this shoe is not too out there yet out there at the same time Ok, I think it’s a great collector piece something to potentially wear every once in a while. It kind of falls in that category I think something like the Black History Month 3 I think this shoe is another unique Air Jordan 3 something different a nice little twist something cool to have in the collection this one I think has a better Significance comes to the sneaker and what it means and all the stuff behind it I think that these two kind of fall in the same category When it comes to a unique a different type of Air Jordan 3 that you would have in your collection just flashing back for a little bit back in like 2017 these were going for like 500 bucks the sneaker released in 2011. The retail was 175 dollars the retail on these is 225 dollars I followed these in the same category like I was saying before so as you can see this shoe is going for 500 bucks and now it’s going for like 225 somewhere around there people are trying to push for maybe 300 s in my size 13 at least now We look at the numbers here on the animal pack and it’s the same thing but in a shorter time frame Literally last week this shoe was going for five six hundred dollars Now it’s sitting and available still on Nike app So if you go to Nike app right now and I got the link down below You guys will be able to see their sizes still available Not a full size run but there are still sizes still available for two hundred and twenty-five dollars plus shipping and tax Whatever that may be, I think they do free shipping. I don’t have tax here in Oregon So that’s another great bonus for me as well 225 bucks $50 increase over an eight nine year period Obviously you’re trying to get these at a better price point but I think it makes sense And I think it’s worth buying the shoe What do you guys think about this shoe job a comment down below and let me know what you guys think Is this a cop is that a drop is the worst thing? Is it gonna go up in value over time this shoe might be worth? 350 maybe 400 and that’s like over a long period of time. I think the two is pretty solid Is it a top 10 Air Jordan 3 colorways of all time? No, let me know what you guys think I hope you guys enjoyed this. I’ll see you guys in the next one We got top 10 of the year pick up some more videos coming next week Thank you to everybody that’s been subscribing if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button drop a comment See you guys in the next one. My name is DJ I’m signing out Don’t forget to like comment share subscribe all their fancy things. Alright, I gotta go

21 thoughts on “Air Jordan 3 Animal Instinct Still Sitting (Worth It?)

  1. DNA SHOW + Cop!!! People are going broke after the Bred 11's etc. Plus it's Christmas in 3 days. So people are strapped or struggling period. Jordan brand should've released these earlier in the season. These are fuego. ???They remind me of the Jordan 6 Social Status that released about 10 + months ago. People didn't appreciate those either. Price point was steep. But the materials were well worth it. People want quality then when they look at the price they flake. Either way. Merry Christmas to you and your family brother.❄⛄??????☃️❄Salute. ??✊✌????

  2. I would switch the laces to white and orange to make the shoe more wild. I copped the shoe, people sleeping on these

  3. if i had extra cash right now i'd pick them up for, as you said, more of a display piece in the collection… but i don't have extra loot right now, so i decided to spend my $ on the blue 4s that also released this week

  4. do you think the jordan 4 "what the" will go up in price soon? should i stock up? I heard you mentioned the shoe a few videos back

  5. wack shoe….. sneaker community tries to con people into buying garbage releases….they aren`t wearable and they look awful.

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