AIDAN 5 (Season 1) Episode 9: Down The Rabbit Hole (PART 2)

That’s far enough detective. I apologize for the theatrics but I
had to make sure you weren’t followed. There are others taking
a vested interest. We don’t have much time. You’re the voice that warned
me in Matthew’s apartment. Who the hell are you? James, what happened to your family? Isn’t that the question
you want answered? Is James Aidan on that flight? I’m so sorry, madam, I can’t
give this sort of information. James Aidan. No, I’m sorry, we don’t have
any passenger by this name. Are you sure? I just
saw him clear security. Well, nothing came up on
the commercial flights, but maybe he’s on a private charter? Can you check it please? Yes, here he is… it is flight 1138, gate 25b. – It’s scheduled to depart in 5 minutes.
– I need you to take me there now, please. Flight 1138. What do you know about my family? I know that you had a wife and son who disappeared three
years ago without a trace. How do you know that? Are you going to just let them go? Let them go? No, I’ve never let them go. Then where are they? I need you to open that door. I’m sorry but the aircraft
already left the gate. I need stop that plane,
is there another way out? The stairs. Target identified. Look, I don’t know why you’re doing this,
but so help me God if you’re responsible… No detective… you are responsible. Now what are you prepared to do? Whatever I have to. Well that’s a start. You’re drifting off course. Find your bearings. You already have what you
need to solve this case. What? What do I have? – What the hell…?
– We stopped. – Riley!
– She’s lead them right to us. Hey, let’s go! No! Dammit! Dammit, I was so close! What the hell were you
doing here anyway! – You were in danger…
– Only because you let them right to me! – It was an unregistered charter…
– Look, I told you to stay out of this! – I had my answer and now he’s gone!
– I’m your partner! No, you don’t belong here! Subtitles: zefram cochrane ::Italian Subs Addicted::

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