AH Animated – The Animal Lover

Jeremy: I wanna start this thing by saying that I’mmm… Jeremy: intoxicated and I’m sorry Jeremy: for whatever I say
Matt: Oh don’t worry, I think they can tell Ryan: For whatever reason you’re intoxicated? Jeremy: Wat? Jeremy: I just wanna say I’m sorry!
Ryan: Okay Jeremy: For anything bad I say Lindsay: Never apologize for being drunk Jeremy: I apologize! … Jeremy: …For making fun of scalies Lindsay: Apologize for making excuses
Matt: You didn’t really make fun of ’em
Ryan: Did you make fun of a scalie? Jeremy: I didn’t make fun of scalies– Jeremy: ‘S jus’ people– There’s people out there who
Ryan: You’re just trying to understand their culture Jeremy: wanna fuck alligators and shit Lindsay: Yeah Jeremy: And that’s fine
Lindsay: Well, I wanna know what– Lindsay: –the bird thing is
Ryan: You gotta get balls deep Ryan: in the crocodillys Jeremy: The bird thing! Jeremy: Is that I saw bird people in this Ryan: Yeah Jeremy: And I just started questioning… Jeremy: If you’re gonna have peop–
Ryan: Feelings and thoughts that you’ve had Jeremy: –If you’re gonna have bird people
Ryan: your whole life Jeremy: They are people, but they have beaks and wings and shit Jeremy: But they still walk around and talk like humans
Lindsay: Like Harvey Birdman, Jeremy: You have to wonder how they fuck each other
Lindsay: Attorney at Law Lindsay: Jack, how do turkeys have sex? Jeremy: How do turkeys have sex, Jack?? Jack: Very sloppily. Jeremy: Dammit Jeremy: If I’ve learned anything from Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs, it’s that a turkey just… Jeremy: Jumps over a female turkey and drops semen onto it until it gets pregnant Lindsay: What?! I’ve gotta watch a video of turkeys mating. I wanna know Lindsay: I am of the opinion that Zoras are the hottest in- Lindsay: –In any Legend of Zelda game
Ryan: Really? Jeremy: Go on, what– I dunno what you said
Matt: I mean– I– Lindsay: Although the Gerudo people
Matt: I agree Lindsay: are pretty up there
Jeremy: What’s a Zoro? Lindsay: A Zora, sorry
Ryan: They’re the– the thing with the DSLs
Jeremy: What’s a Zora? Lindsay: Zora, the fish people Ryan: Yeah Lindsay: So, like uhh, Princess Ruto from Ocarina of Time Matt: I agree with you, but from afar Matt: Imagine if a ship– like, a fish person existed, they’d smell terrible Lindsay: It’s true Matt: Like, on land, they’d just smell like shit
Lindsay: Yeah Matt: Like rotting fish
Lindsay: Well, Matt, if you’re a woman Lindsay: sometimes you smell like a fish anyways Matt: Well, at least you know what you’re getting up front, with them Jeremy: Are you telling me there’s fish people in– Jeremy: –In Zelda?
Matt: Yeah! Lindsay: Yes
Matt: There’s fish people Jeremy: What else is there?!?!
Lindsay: Motherfucker Jeremy: There’s fish people, there’s bird peop–
Matt: There’s rock people too! Jeremy: Rock people?! How do rock people fuck?! Matt: No one knows! Jeremy: What does that make me, a bouldurry? Lindsay: I can’t wait for Bill Nye’s show to come back so he can answer all these questions that we have Jeremy: Bill Nye, how do you fuck a bird? Lindsay: I was just thinking about it, you’re definitely not the first person. There’s a Greek myth about Zeus, like Lindsay: fucking a girl as a swan, so… Matt: Yeah…
Jeremy: Really? Lindsay: Yeah, oh yeah Jeremy: There– There’s the chick that fucked the bull to make the Minotaur Lindsay: Yes Lindsay: Even he was like, “I’m gonna make you attracted to bulls” and she was like, “I just really wanna have Lindsay: sex with this bull, I dunno what’s happening” Jeremy: I just want someone else
Matt: And he’s like, “Yeeaahhh” Jeremy: I literally just want someone else to do it
Ryan: It worked! Jeremy: And then I can be like, “What was Jeremy: it like to fuck the bird?”
Ryan: And report in? Ryan: You need like a– a on the spot report?
Matt: Well, okay, here’s the bigger question: Lindsay: Again, all I can think of is the bird going:
Matt: Are you going to– [Gavin Free] Lindsay: Can’t be– can’t be appealing Matt: Are you going to — if someone fucks the bird and say, “It was great, I love it” — Matt: Are you then going to like–
Ryan: That’s true Ryan: What information do you expect from this?
Jeremy: Fuck the bird?
Matt: –start fucking a bird? Jeremy: No, I’m happily married! Jeremy: I just wanna know– Matt: Are you gonna invite the bird into– [wheezes]
Lindsay: He’s got another bird Matt: Nevermind, I don’t wanna fucking…
Jeremy: I just wanna be like Jeremy: I just wanna be like, “Wow, I didn’t expect it to be a great time” Jeremy: Jack fucking looked up a picture of, like, a lion chick with her tits out! Ryan: He didn’t actually, though, he just accidentally found that Jeremy: Off Topic!
Matt: Nasty… Ryan: He was going for a lot more generic information Lindsay: Yeah, we’ve all turned out SafeSearch off
Jeremy: And now people tag me in pictures Jeremy: of, like, lions having sex! Ryan: Yup, that’s your life now Ryan: Congratulations
Matt: Are they Lannister lives?
Lindsay: They’re aggressive Lindsay: Apparently, that’s where the term “caterwauling” came from

100 thoughts on “AH Animated – The Animal Lover

  1. Abe Sapien from Hellboy is still incredibly attractive for a fish man, just saying. Wait. Does this make me… A fish furry? A merfurry? What's the name for "I'm going to go see Guillermo Del Toro's Shape of Water five thousand times"?

  2. Love the Steven Universe reference with the Gorons. (Also should goron be capitalized? I don't know. here's the rock:

  3. I completely understand his thirst for knowledge. He's curious…
    As I am when it comes to the taste of human meat…

  4. “Bill Nye, how do you fuck a bird?” The fact that Jeremy was so drunk that his fuck sounded like fuckq a bird makes me laugh every fucking time!!

  5. I'm more surprised that Jeremy knows so little about Zelda than his fascination for fucking Bird People

  6. the fucking gerudo with a tattoo of michael omg this is exactly why i watch these over and over because i keep spotting new stuff

  7. I mean, one of the earliest examples of creative expression from humans that we've found was a humanoid statuette with a lion head, so… yeah the furry thing has been going for longer than civilisation.

  8. Modern Turkeys can't have sex due to our genetic manipulation over the course of generations, we made em too fat so they'd have more meat to eat, therefore it takes manual labour to inseminate a turkey. It's a real job. Look it up.

  9. Modern Turkeys can't have sex due to our genetic manipulation over the course of generations, we made em too fat so they'd have more meat to eat, therefore it takes manual labour to inseminate a turkey. It's a real job. Look it up.

  10. I’m a Furry/Scalie (pretty much the same thing) but I would never have sex with a real animal cause that’s just gross, Anthro I would because they have a personality and a human body. Plus if you like anime cat girls you’re kinda on the line of becoming a Furry, trust me, I know.

  11. One time I was with my friends, and I remembered a funny pokemon comic with Kyogre in it that I wanted to show them. But I didn't remember his name, so I asked my friend to google it on her computer for me. She types in 'legendary whale po…', and before she finishes typing, I jokingly say "Is that legendary whale porn on your computer?". She gets quiet for a second, and than proceeds to google image legendary whale porn, saying that she had to know what google would show us. I saw such horrors that day.

  12. i seriously would have loved to have seen Jeremy's reaction to seeing Sidon for the first time, if this was his reaction to the Rito xP

  13. Let me explain the minotaur myth. So there was the king of Crete, Minos. His wife, queen I-don't-remember openly talked about her disbelief of the gods with Daedalus, a genius inventor. She said she was more beautiful than the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite. And Aphrodite was having none of this. She cursed the queen to be attracted to a bull, and then bestiality and boom, a minotaur, named after king Minos. Minos was outraged, and ordered Daedalus to make a labyrinth under the city so conplex that no one could escape. The Labyrinth was full of traps, and every room constantly moved so it was never in one spot. Minos then had the Minotaur and the queen locked away in the Labyrinth

  14. It’s almost a shame that they never went to the Zora’s.
    Jeremy Probably would have flipped if they met Sidon. “How do the fish people fuck?”
    A good number of people wanna know lol

  15. I never noticed the HSM reference cut half way off the bottom of the screen at 0:58 "No…no no no…stick to the status quo." And I've seen all the "RTAA" and "AHAA" videos COUNTLESS times!?

  16. If I remember the myth correctly, one of the Olympian gods cursed the wife of King Minas to fall desparetly in love with a bull. It got to the point to where she made cow 'suit' like the rhino thing that Ace Ventura hid in, and tricked the bull into having relations with her. Nine months later and out came the minotaur

  17. This was in 2017 he was drunk and people are spamming Jeremy, today wow. I know it's because of barb and Lindsay's video, which was really cool by the way. It's just dumb

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