Agricultural Pest Control

[ Music ] My name is Johnathon Boylan, and I’m enrolled
in the Pest Control Advisor Certificate program. Being a Pest Control Advisor,
there’s many facets to that. It broadens throughout the
Agriculture Industry in California. The job that I plan on getting when I’m done
with the program is being out in the field, hopefully working for a vineyard
management as a Pest Control Advisor. Or at — with a fertilizer company as a
Pest Control Advisor for the vineyards. As far as the demand for Pest
Control Advisors, it’s really huge. Most of the Pest Control Advisors in
California are 50 years of age plus, and there’s a lot of retirees coming along, and
that’s why I’m so excited to have this program at our
college, because we can train the young people to get onboard and get excited
about this as a career. Skillsets that would be very good for
students to have or to develop to succeed in these programs I think are
people skills, and listening skills, and being amenable to learning new things. One of the advantages of a student
choosing to come to the community college, would be that it just takes two years. The caveat is that they need to be
working part-time at a related industry. The classes — can also conflict with getting
a job that may be seasonal with the vineyards. So, you know, if the classes are
during the day, and you have to be out in the vineyard during
the day somewhat conflicts. But usually the job in itself, wants you to
have the knowledge, so they’re very supportive. [ Music ]

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