After This Scrawny Kitten Was Rejected By Her Mom, She Found Love With A Kind-Hearted Stranger

after this scrawny kitten was rejected by her mom she found love with a kind-hearted stranger the natural world can be a cruel and harsh place where often only the strongest survive evolutionary scientists would point to natural selection but nevertheless there's a strong argument for the survival of the cutest more evidence of this phenomena is pictured here this adorable fur baby may have been rejected by her mother in the late summer of 2017 but she attracted a human dad but with the feeble feline be strong enough to flourish on August 20th 2017 social media user Alan who goes by the name Alan's EG web online added an album to his imgur account the images he posted on the picture sharing site featured a tiny calico kitten that looked painfully frail and there was good reason for that apparently the unfortunate little feline was the runt of the litter when a mammalian animal delivers a litter of babies the newborns come in a range of sizes as a result some may be smaller and lighter than average and others dangerously so consequently these runts can struggle to get the nourishment their brothers and sisters do in the scrabble for their mother's milk moreover the smallest siblings can often suffer from adverse health conditions so sadly Amagi mother may reject the runt of the litter if she has too many kittens the mom concentrates her attention on those babies she's more confident of being able to survive as a result of this natural instinct allen's kitten may have been neglected and become scrawny and weak so much so in fact that many people who viewed Alan's initial online picture posts of his new 30-day old pet expressed their concern one commented I'm pretty sure she shouldn't have been taken from her mother yet if I were you I'd take her to the vet to be sure about it another injured follower was more blunt writing where's the mother kittens need to be socialized etc what's up Alan explained to his followers that he had obtained the kitten from a student who could no longer keep the litter not only that but at her tender age of 30 days the tiny baby had experienced rejection her mother had too many kittens and doesn't like her as much as the others Alan said in the comments but the injured user must have fallen in love with the little animal instantly and the name he subs he gave his pet may yield a clue as to what first captivated him Allen likened the kitten to the character Sansa Stark from HBO's Game of Thrones played by English actor sophie Turner because of the little ones big blue eyes he named her Sansa Alan explained I was impressed when Sansa was crying with big blue eyes the cat also has big blue eyes so she Sansa and what's more son Sansa is a calico cat she's blessed with patches of ginger fur to match her namesakes fiery hair unlike the Royal character in Game of Thrones however the kitten looked terribly scruffy and wobegon in the earlier photos her owner put up Alan justified her appearance by saying that Sansa was just too young to bathe despite this judgment whether or not Alan had any previous experience looking after cats is unknown regardless sands as new human dead did his best to provide for her in the early days he kept the kitten warm and gave her a roof over her head and perhaps most importantly fettered with love as well as food but Alan was perhaps not the most forward-thinking daddy on day one frankly speaking I didn't prepare all the things she needed he admitted however Alan quickly learned from his mistakes and made sure that Sansa was properly provided for after he knew better furthermore he and tiny Sansa had a lot of support from his online followers many social media users rallied around the pair to give their pet guidance they offered Alan advice on how to take care of Sansa and where dead could go if he needed any assistance no doubt Alan found the imager followers collective wisdom invaluable and Sansa also picked up a few new fans in the process one commented ah she's adorable prompts to you for taking care of her I heard young ones are a lot of work but even with sanz's adoring public the kitten only had eyes for her new dad indeed it seemed from the pictures that Alan was everything to Sansa as she steadily grew the calico Kitty appeared to be most comfortable in those shots where she sat between his feet which just emphasized how tiny she was Alan discovered early on that Sansa was very keen on eggs this was fortunate because it made a good job of filling her up while he waited for the kitten formula to arrive with nourishing food the kitten started to grow much stronger and began enjoying the finer things in life her daddy made sure that she had plenty of toys to play with just like most domestic cats and to the bemusement of most humans Sansa found endless entertainment in her beloved cardboard cartons and boxes in fact the kitten had a fine selection of them scattered around what had become her very own room and as Sansa became healthier and more confident she found a passion for exploration but Aaron found out that life wasn't all fluff and cuddles with Sansa she was a growing kitty after all usually a kitten will play fight with her siblings and it can get quite rough nonetheless it's an important element in their development process however without any brothers or sisters to wrestle around with sanz's opponent was her daddy's hand although roughhousing is an essential part of a kittens education it can be a painful lesson for humans if she carried on biting into adulthood sanz's daddy would have to train her out of it Aaron's oldest injured followers she started to bite me need a way to stop her from doing that however there was one very noticeable change in the kitten that Alan had no control over sanz's beautiful blue eyes began to change color they started to mature into an equally stunning yellow-green you in fact all baby cats are born with blue eyes because their irises have yet to develop when the kittens grow their bodies produce more melanin which usually causes an eye color change as the cat matures sometimes if a kitten is a deficiency of melanin in its body there can be exceptions and it might keep its blue eyes however it was more than a parent that Sansa was not one of those examples as there was no lack of melanin in her body happily other levels also seemed to be healthy and she did not develop any issues because of her initial lack of nourishment as the runt of the litter when she was old enough Alan gave Sansa her first bath the kitten displayed a normal cats aversion to water and did not appreciate the experience one bit 10 minutes later she recovered being an asshole again her dad wrote items her and Sansa came back with a vengeance as Alan described her thinking ah its masters fingers let me bite it to scare him but Sansa must soon have forgiven all Alan is her daddy and his dedication to her well-being surely proves that he loves her on December 1st 2017 Allen uploaded the latest batch of Sansa pictures and it's truly amazing just how far the one-time run to the litter has come in such a relatively short time indeed Sansa has grown from a dangerously tiny scrawny kitten into a beautiful healthy cat she barely looks like the same animal now and it's all thanks to the kindness of a human stranger for this Alan should be warmly applauded sanz's story just goes to show that sometimes the most beautiful gifts come in the smallest packaging you

33 thoughts on “After This Scrawny Kitten Was Rejected By Her Mom, She Found Love With A Kind-Hearted Stranger

  1. My calico cat (Savannah Rain), looks like a grey tabby until you look closer and realize she has three different colors!!! Congrats on raising a beautiful cat bro'!!!

  2. When I was.married we always like to keep the runt of the litter,they have the most personality ,I found this to be true over and over .

  3. She was an adorable kitten but now she is gorgeous. Congratulations to her and her dad for bringing her to her current healthy, happy state.

  4. This is a good video because, unlike other sites, it tells the whole story and doesn't show completely different cats made to represent the main cat. Also, Sansa is a beautiful cat who was blessedly saved by this man.

  5. Give her to me! I'll take her snd love her snd feed her, she'd be my little girl. She's a nice little kitten.

  6. Sansa is a gorgeous cat . Wow, you are so lucky to adopt her and she will love you forever. Nice, and love to both of you.

  7. You 19 idiots who put thumbs down need to be hanged at dawn. You’re hateful and I bet you hate yourself.

  8. Yes, does my heart good there are fine people out there. I would have taken it home, but I am nowhere near where she is. She’s just a cutie and glad someone took her home. These poor kitties need homes with kind people. You will never forget it. Kittens now who are good. Thank you.

  9. Why do you insist on putting large arrows on the photos? It makes no sense. You can see the cat just fine without it.

  10. Well done for extending your love and kindness to suck a beautiful puss. We need more people like you in the World

  11. Alan you are one lucky man , you gave this poor kitten the best life in the world. She will give you 100 times that love back. Happy lovingly long life together. P.S. I would have taken her in a heart beat.

  12. Her mother like some human leave their children's for pleasure of boyfriends or money for rich family
    I guess animals mentality samething like human? some human leave their kids ????
    my mother likes her good looking sons n daughter human natures creature all the same ????
    that's why all human eat flesh of every animals kill em hurrbley??? some country worst

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