After pug’s death, RI lawmaker renews push for groomer licensing

AT A MIDDLETOWN PETCO. (MM) THIS AFTERNOON WE RECEIVED A NEW STATEMENT FROM PETCO ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED. EYEWITNESS NEWS REPORTER STEPH MACHADO JOINS US LIVE IN STUDIO WITH MORE ON THAT. (SM) WE SHOULD EMPHASIZE THAT THIS NEW INFORMATION IS COMING FROM PETCO…. THE RHODE ISLAND SPCA AND MIDDLETOWN ANIMAL CONTROL ARE ALSO INVESTIGATING THIS DOG’S DEATH…. BUT TODAY PETCO TOLD US AN AUTOPSY HAS BEEN COMPLETED ON THE PUG THAT DIED LAST WEEK IN THEIR CARE. OLLIE THE PUG FROM MIDDLETOWN DIED UNEXPECTEDLY LAST WEEK… WHEN HIS OWNER DROPPED HIM OFF AT PETCO TO HAVE HIS NAILS CLIPPED. SHE TOLD INVESTIGATORS THAT WHEN SHE WENT TO PICK HIM UP, HE WAS ON THE FLOOR, ALONG WITH TWO WORKERS. TODAY PETCO TELLS EYEWITNESS NEWS AN AUTOPSY HAS BEEN COMPLETED… EMAILING US A STATEMENT SAYING IN PART “”Based on the preliminary autopsy results from Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, we can confirm that there was no evidence of trauma to Ollie’s head or neck. As is the case with all Pugs, Ollie had what is called brachycephalic syndrome. The results show that his soft palate was much longer than normal, which causes blockage of the airway and makes it difficult to breathe. As a result of this information, we do not believe the actions of the pet stylist who trimmed Ollie’s nails, nor any other store partners were responsible for his untimely passing.” EARLIER THIS WEEK THE RISPCA SAID OLLIE WAS HEALTHY…. We do have previous vet records on the dog, there was no pre-existing medical conditions, the dog was otherwise healthy when brought it to the groomer OLLIE’S DEATH PROMPTED STATE REP JOE SHEKARCHI TO CONSIDER RE-INTRODUCING A BILL TO REQUIRE PET GROOMERS BE LICENSED WITH THE STATE. I have a dog and I actually took him last week to Petco to have his nails trimmed. So I said to myself, that could happen to anyone it could happen to me, it’s a really tragic situation. (SM) SO AGAIN PETCO NOW SAYING IT DOES NOT APPEAR THAT THE GROOMER WAS AT FAULT… THE RISPCA AND MIDDLETOWN ANIMAL CONTROL ARE INVESTIGATING OLLIE’S DEATH. WE’VE REACHED OUT TO THEM FOR COMMENT ON THIS AUTOPSY RESULT, AND WILL LET YOU KNOW WHEN WE HEAR BACK. STEPH MACHADO

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