After Family Found This Tiny Kitten Outside Their Home, Rescuers Discovered It Wasn’t What It Seemed

when rescuers were called to the aid of a tiny kitten they knew they would have to act quickly and the tiny ball of fur was starving and shivering in the cold so in order to keep him warm one man held the baby to his body but eventually they realized that the animal was no regular feline before the surprising discovery though individuals from the wildlife friends foundation Thailand or WF ft had come to the young cats aid the organization was established by edwin wieck over 15 years ago and ames deliberate wild animals that have been kept in captivity it also aspires to educate those in the community and further afield about animal conservation in addition to providing veterinary care and the thai Providence of Phetchaburi in December 2016 meanwhile a Thai family contacted the animal rescue organization that's because they'd found a tiny kitten sprawled in the road and judging by the miniscule size of the poor creature he could only have been a day old at most to make matters even worse the baby's mom couldn't be found anywhere and that was particularly worrying since kittens rely on their mother's milk until they're at least four weeks old without it it's possible they'll die so with no time to lose aw FFT team rushed to the scene down when the rescuers arrived on the scene moreover they saw just how small and fragile the young cat was it seemed as if he'd only been born several hours ago the concerned team had begun to question the Thai family to see if they had any further information on why the kitten had ended up on the street thankfully they did specifically the strangers revealed that they'd found the kittens mom some years ago when she was a baby herself they rescued her from a nearby paddy field brought her up and when she was strong enough released her once more however she apparently never forgot their good deed and often came back to the house to check in with her saviors one such visit in fact had come the day before this time the cat had just delivered a litter of kittens however when she later moved her children to another location she had seemingly dropped one as she did so then sadly the family had no idea where the Kettner other kids had gone to as a result the kind-hearted family decided to place the kitten outside in a box in hopes that the mother would eventually come back for her baby but unfortunately she never did that's when the Good Samaritans finally contacted the WUF ft by the time rescuers got there though the feline was in desperate need of help in particular he was extremely cold and hungry for some milk in a bid to give him some warmth then the rescuer cuddled the animal but upon further inspection it would become clear that the little one was in fact no ordinary kitten indeed it was revealed that the baby was actually a newborn fishing cat fishing cancerous species of wild felines found throughout Southeast Asia they tend to live in wetlands such as swamps lakes rivers streams and mangroves however they have also been known to live in forests particularly dry ones given that their habitats are often near bodies of water then it's perhaps no surprise that the animals are excellent swimmers and as their name suggests their diet mainly consists of fish that they hunt that's not all they eat however fishing cats are also known to feast on rodents birds and insects too sadly though the population of fishing cats in Southeast Asia has become significantly smaller than it used to be in fact the International Union for Conservation of Nature now considers the animals to be vulnerable threats to their existence include the decimation of their habitats and overfishing of the nearby waters by humans however in some areas poachers also target the unusual creatures poaching and retribution killing were the major causes for a high fishing cat mortality of 84 percent in Thailand the W fft said in a December 2016 post on its website habitat loss and destruction along with the killing of fishing cats by local people throughout the species range has led to a global population decline suspected to be 30% or more in the past 15 years the fishing cat faces a high risk of extinction throughout its range and is thought to be amongst the most vulnerable of these small and medium-sized cats in Southeast Asia the post continued as a consequence it was important that the W FFT gave its most recent rescue all the help it could so after retrieving the fishing cat kitten from the Thai Street the rescuers transported him to the W FFT veterinary clinic there he could receive expert care in order to give him the best possible chance of survival and in the process he received a name inspired by another member of the cat family Simba which is the swahili word for lion meanwhile in the December 2016 website post the W FFT team would tell the world about the new arrival today this little kitten is 2 days old and seems to be a fighter for now he's under round-the-clock care from our vet team the post added he's spending his time in a special incubator that creates a perfect environment where a special needs can be met as Simba is so young and very small we can add for certain be sure that he will make it never mind start planning for his future the update continued for now he's good we'll have to wait and see what the coming days will bring we'll keep you posted on his progress tragically though despite the wff tea's best efforts Simba died two days later he was just four days old sadly little Simba passed away at 3 a.m. last night under the watchful eye of W FFT vet ion r.i.p little one read a tribute on the organization's Facebook page and the heartbreaking news was met with understandable sadness online so so young you did amazing amazing work as always wrote one Facebook user I hope that ion is ok it can be so heartbreaking sending hugs and love to you hopefully the little one can be reborn more lucky but alone little Simba didn't get the happy ending he deserved there's no doubting that vets did all they could to save the poor baby and thanks to the amazing work the W FFT do perhaps there's hope for fishing cats yet after all the waterways of Southeast Asia would be much duller place without them I hope you liked this video if so please hit the subscribe button and click on the bell icon to make sure you never miss a video from our Channel

10 thoughts on “After Family Found This Tiny Kitten Outside Their Home, Rescuers Discovered It Wasn’t What It Seemed

  1. Oh Poor little Simba 🙁 Rest in Peace little buddy. Thank you to those involved for saving Simba's life.

  2. There may of been something wrong with the baby that maybe why the mother abandoned it but it was very good of you to try and save him it’s so sad to hear that he passed away.

  3. Thank u for your efforts to save that kitty, unfortunately nothing can replace its mom. At least the baby was surrounded by love.???

  4. It doesn't matter what animal species you are.. All animals deserve The same care.. Thanks Thai family for saving this little cutie ❤️ thanks rescue for helping Simba to get The best care she could ❤️ RIP Simba

  5. That's sad for Simba and the cats as a whole. We don't want another species going extinct. Us humans need to learn. Rip little one.

  6. Thank the person that took the kitten in. Thank the veterinarian and staff. For doing all you could. To try to keep the kitten alive. Hopefully the rest of the kittens lived. And their mom is taking good care of them. Fishing cats are beautiful.

  7. Civets… are beautiful… thank you lovely warm-hearted peeps…

    PROVERBS 12 : 10
    "The RIGHTEOUS one… CARES for the animal. The mercies of the EVIL one are… CRUEL."

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