Afghan Hound Grooming EAR CLEAN & NAILTRIM

yes it is alright alright we're gonna do nail trim first look up your okay hey come on you can stay right there are two hands right there just in week on it cuz he's a big boy let me just look first okay I'm gonna start trimming okay good you head up front you get hold his head look at you I know right buddy you're okay you're okay you don't do it don't do it no let me see no no there's no liking it this we just made this extended don't do it feel your Poland you see this one steady steady no no no no no no I'm not sure you gonna do as pads and while we're in here no this this will really help I think nope nope y'all gonna work well no okay no no no no no no we'll do it here let me see let me see don't do it okay steady let me see this huh you see Lucy you just know I can't be history that's why I have a hard time Jay trim his nails yeah keep the window out don't look at me like that okay it's done here man standing outside get in here looking for this nail here we say please nope I see me safely yeah [Applause] No no no no No well no no now we think not about in there years you can swing down to your fencing my way over that way one it's more worsening hmm so first I'd start started here or I'll come back to it meaning it is dirt that's like on this flap this color though be aware if it keeps staying in there that's a light ear infection in my opinion and I'll show you so I'm gonna save that so you can compare it to the summit stuff I have so you just put your finger right there and scoot back there's a hole in there okay not a hole that there's a groove so see all that in there you can't really tell right just by looking at it looks clean but that residue in there in my opinion is earring flat your infection in this and again I'm not a veterinarian if I've been doing this long time the pictures will speak for themselves so I'm just scooping back I'm not digging way down in here I'm digging all this stuff right here out okay this color here real I call it brick over burgundy red Brown it does get started keeps getting thicker and thicker like tar so sometimes I'll say it looks just like tar yeah this one definitely has more of that color oh you can stay there but you gotta let us get in here bud yeah so so this to me is a light-year infection if he wants to see me also lay down that's fine so if we want to do a full ear flushing today it won't be 12 I can keep cleaning for just 412 but if we wanted to in my opinion if we would do the malasiya colic flushing afterwards and that's that total is gonna be 15 plus snacks just a few dollars more what does I'm going to do the whole thing yeah I agree so keep them there there so in my opinion I've been doing this and I found that there's a couple of different colors that come out of the ears this color brick brick red is what I call it or yellow and yellow usually is an allergy issue versus brick red is usually what I have found it's in a dog that loves water or gets bathed with the water hose or waters all over the place like this guy he's pretty big I one thing you could bathe them in the sink you know what I mean so when you bathe them it's probably or when you've taken them somewhere it's probably gone okay so you're just gonna go back here and scoop that back crevice and you can keep cleaning this get it as much as you can out like we have already but if you keep going and you ever feel like and scoot forward right here on this flap right here and you're lucky he's a year canal it's real big I'm just not digging down that hole there I'm doing a forward scoop and a reverse scoop does it make sense okay so you're going to scoop forward in this this crevice in there and then scoop backwards and then there's a little bit of like a pocket back here you go down in that pocket and then scoop up here and then do the whole ear flap and then since we're done here we're now going to flush with the malasiya Kotik so when you get this stuff you're going to pour it up here so it doesn't suck it back into the ear like into the bottle today today today why not now raise the tickle in there tickle in there okay alright you can come down mom oh wait overhead some more yeah all right I didn't come down I'm gonna wash my hands I'll meet you

28 thoughts on “Afghan Hound Grooming EAR CLEAN & NAILTRIM

  1. Its good the owner was happy to help comfort the dog. I can't imagine grooming one as large as him.

  2. This is to me what Dede is all about, she is teaching the parent how to care for her dog.

    Beautiful coat, now she learns what else she needs to do.

  3. This dog is not too thin! It should have prominent hip bones and visible vertebrae as per the standard! He is a very well kept Afghan in both hair coat & body weight! Most average pet owners keep their dogs way too fat and being overweight decreases life span as well as causing joint & mobility issues!

  4. Little tip for early ear infections/smelly ear. Vetericyn or it’s generic equivalent is fantastic for DIY at home treatment! I apply it via spray once per day for 1 week. And the infection is gone! It can even be used in the eyes. I skip the dog and cat section and just get the horse sized bottle. They do have specific formulas for ears and eyes but I just go for the basic spray.

  5. Although this dog appears thin he actually looks to be just perfect for this breed. He looks in very top condition. Beautiful beautiful dog. Well done to the owner in keeping him in that condition!

  6. What a beautiful dog. I think he is a little too thin even for a hound. I know hounds are supposed to be and are naturally thin dogs. You can see every disc in his backbone. Is that normal? Despite the thinnest, he just a very good looking dog.❤️?

  7. I can imagine her house, full of dog's hair. Sorry but I couldn't have this situation in my house.

  8. Eww I just can stand when the dogs drool that smells nasty ? that dog is drooling all over the owner she have to take a bathe after all that drooling on top of her.

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