Advice Dog Fear of Loud Noises like Fireworks or Thunder

How To Use Adaptil To Help Dog Frightened by Loud Noises (like fireworks )? many dog have a degree of sound sensitivity they react to loud noises many behaviourists feel it could be up to 50 percent that react to loud noises what sounds are dogs sensitive to the most common problems are fireworks or thunderstorms however loud bangs gunshot and even everyday noises like the vacuum cleaner and microwave a pings can affect some dogs. A fear response to a loud noise it actually a sensible protective
mechanism that noise could potentially harm the dog but our dogs need to learn that certain noises like this are not the problem and that they are safe if left unmanaged the problem can get
worse meaning your dog may react more severely to a wider range of loud noises it can start with fireworks but can end up with a dog reacting to any sort of bang or it might start reacting to events proceeding the noise so fearful behaviour can start when it
rains or even dark clouds fill the sky as these often occur before thunder is heard or an evening draw in and leaves start dropping off the trees at this occurs before bonfire night
being aware of how your dog reacts to loud noises can help you to prepare there’s a short survey you can take on the Adaptil website that can help you with this or ask your vet or behaviourist for advice So what can you do to try to help your dog building a den, this needs to be in an area your dog feels the safest and most secure. You can build one using a crate or kennel or even even utilizing area your dog goes to hide for example under the table or behind a sofa. The den should be a place of sanctuary for your dog comfortable warm and covered over to muffle any sounds of fireworks Plug in an Adaptil diffuser near to the den or place a collar on your dog ideally this should be done a few days
before an expected event or firework season to reduce anxiety felt by your dog as they
may anticipate the worry situation. The Adaptil collar and diffuser has been proven significantly decrease the signs of fear in dogs exposed to fireworks or thunderstorms. Ignore fearful behaviour and try to act as normal as possible I appreciate that this is difficult as
instinctively you want to try make your dog feel better but doing this can reinforce the feelings
of fear which is not what any of us want for our pets provide distractions new toys or
chews and put the TV or radio on playing music they find soothing, for additional support please speak to your vet for information on Adaptil tablets These tips help a dog cope with loud noises to try to remove their excessive reaction to loud noises a desensitisation plan should be
considered this helps dogs learn how to remain calm whilst loud noises are occuring for dogs with severe reactions to loud noises please seek the advice of your vet or speak to qualified behaviourist behaviour modification programmes can be initiated even when the problem has been there for a while but be prepared it requires time and patience and dedication

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  1. We have included your products in our latest vlog about how to keep dogs calm during fireworks displays. Thanks so much for all the helpful work you do for pooches everywhere!

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