Advance Carpenter Ant Bait for DIY Pest Control

Hi, I�m Lyn Hitt, president of ePestSolutions.
Today, I�d like to talk to you about controlling the carpenter ant. Carpenter ants can do quite
a bit of damage in certain parts of the country. They�re worse than others. But with the
right products, there is built in (inaudible) control. Advance Carpenter Ant Bait contains
abamectin. It�s a very good choice for carpenter ants.
It doesn’t take much. Basically, 1.5 to 3oz treatment by the size of a dime per (inaudible)
per trail. Treat that daily until you see that the ants are not feeding on the (inaudible).
They take the bait back to the colony and eventually eliminate the colony.
Again, Advance Carpenter Ant Bait is a very good choice for this.
Ants feed on different things and different times depending on the needs of the colony.
This is more of a protein-based bait. We�ve got shrimp bait matrix to it.
Another good choice is the Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait. It�s got a different bait matrix
of a sweeter honey dew type so if the colony is in the mood for something sweeter, which
they actually do change, this is a good choice. The combination of the two almost guarantees
elimination of the carpenter ant colonies. For these and other tips, visit us out side
at or call us at (888) 523-7378.

One thought on “Advance Carpenter Ant Bait for DIY Pest Control

  1. I just got mine today but the carpenter ants by me just avoid it, not sure how they will die by not going by it 🙁

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