Adorable Puppy Sisters Gets Adopted by Woman And Her Best Friend | The Dodo Adoption Day

sunny is from Puerto Rico and was found with one of her sisters and this abandoned home they had been in there for two weeks with no food and no water her physical condition when they found her was really bad I saw her photo and reached out to rescue organization at safe and sound Saito's it took like one second he said absolutely like I'm a hundred percent gonna adopt her the mechina is my best friend and I don't know what I would do without my best friend at work you like the stuff you're doing right now you know the rescue they found two dogs I showed Gina the video of Sonny and our sister I'm Neela was in it with her and the best part is they kind of look like the two of us Sonny being blond hair and blue eyes and Camila being a brunette we didn't want them to be separated she was like no question about it we're gonna adopt her so they're gonna be able to have puppy dates all the time great spot their mommy same bye we are on our way to the airport each and 37 she can it'll be confused gonna say bye in a little bit they're already at the airport they're traveling together I feel so happy that they're going to a home and we die great family basically we're becoming moms a little they are she's so scared she's going where she is check it out she's right by a New Jersey right now oh this is gonna be okay you get to do your first walk with your sister the four girls going out it's like Sex in the City but better ready for your first walk she's like it's cold I was just in Puerto Rico the little tail is down I think it's just like a nervous thing this is a lot of new smells they're navigating this together though which is actually making probably easier for them to go outside yeah I'll be like okay well she's there follow you or everyone go except not into traffic she's just a little chilly New York it's a scary place when you first move here huh it's time to go inside I hope sunny feels very comfortable in the West Village welcome honey hi baby so much new stuff come here all look at you and now she's sniffing everything in sight she wants to know where she lives and what's going on she found her good side all the sides she's like her mom Oh are we gonna wreck this together oh my gosh you're so excited me too bring your wire down do you want water there's no more food no more food you're not gonna be allowed to sleep up here just to let you know you win because you're too cute I definitely want to make sure that she's a happy dog every day Oh see she's out of the puppy dream sunny has been adjusting to New York and so actually getting her used to being on cement and living in the concrete jungle it was a weather thing at the beginning okay now after having been here for a while I can't keep her outside enough Sunny's new boyfriend that's Willie the golden Sonny has changed my life in so many ways she just makes me laugh I don't need anything around like books TV my phone anything I can just like play with her she's just like having a friend around every Sunday night the two of us get together and have our girls night including the girls anyway sunny definitely looks forward to these Sunday nights when we're walking over here she now understands the route that we take I put two bowls down but then they compete with the same one she's eight months old right now and she's already gone through so much it's just kind of wild to think that she was abandoned in this home and then flew to New York City is now living this thriving life here she's a survivor I wouldn't have this light of my life it wasn't for savings on top those sunny Amelia have homes that are really loving and close together and so they're getting the most out of life you

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  1. Quick tip: use puppy training leashes better instead of the ones you used on the walk because they have the right amount of weight the pups can carry

    But other than that congratulations of being a puppo mumma

  2. This was a match made in heaven. I’m so happy these pups are now in a loving and forever home. So happy you guys adopted both to keep them together. You ladies did a wonderful thing. I wish you all long, healthy, happy lives. Thank you to ‘The Dodo’ for sharing ☺️

  3. I just adopted a nearly 2 months a male Labrador retriever. I named him Pluto. I got him from a shelter and he had fleas and worms in his abdomen and bowel ( many puppies have it) and he needed help . He was crying all night and I didn’t sleep for 2 nights . Now it is day 3 ( almost day 4) and he is sleeping more rather than playing . I know he is a baby . I also have a 16 months old rabbit named Pepper ( male) and an 8 years old goldfish named Nemo. It is crazy that he lives 8 years but it is real.

  4. wow such a beautiful happy ending thank God and thank you each and everyone who got involved in rescue them and give them a chance to live and be love I'm very happy that both have a good forever home with people who really care and love them ???❤❤?????????

  5. What a beautiful thing you two have done adopting these two sweet precious siblings and giving them a forever home ? It is said that the measure of a man is his treatment of animals… you two ladies are ten feet tall and bulletproof! ??❤️?

  6. Thank you for GETTING them out of DOG HELL HOLE if only their were more unselfish people like y'all ?❤Get ready for?????and piss and chewing lots of work but worth it later

  7. Normally I would immediately click like instantly. Today I'm sad because there isn't a LOVE, LOVE, LOVE button. What adorable sisters that started out with the unknown and now they have everyone and everything that they need for the rest of their sweet little lives.

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