ADORABLE Meerkat & Raccoon Cafe in Seoul South Korea

good morning this is going to be an adorable day of course I am here in Seoul South Korea part of a trip sponsored by 23andme and guys later on the video I'm going to tell you how you can win a trip to basically anywhere the world so stay tuned for that and guys the reason I'm saying this is going to be in adorable day it's because there are a lot of really unique cafes here in Seoul and we're going to go visit some Obama first off I can cast a blind alley okay I'm at the cafe if you want to see the raccoon the cost is six thousand one's about six dollars and apparently there's two rat Kings here as long as a little puppet this is just like a door open this over low you guys can handle this right now under some rules before you go see the records you can bring any food or bags inside please empty your pockets because maybe I don't know the raccoon I steal your stuff do not hold or litter edging because it might hit you do not let him climb up your body and they bite you just tell them now and before I play with the back I'm going to eat this massive rag hyun-soo gonna give me to suppose because obviously this is like 40 people but you know what something like the infomercial for breakfast has anybody ever done that before Oh mr. raccoon that another whirl reckon carefully because – rawr – nerds attention bar here was the biggest rat you ever seen wow this guy's back about it and there's the Corgi now they're just exploring all around hey buddy piggy yeah those guys just guys want to climb everywhere all right buddy hey how you doing yeah it is hot there I think so climbing yeah I think it's not as portable down man hey Dad nobody's paying him really any attention there's like a little white wrecking yeah that's a girl ma hello Q little y1 yeah nobody have a treat he's totally ignoring me just like most girls didn't i'll back i no wonder i have it that nigger sweetie I'm such a half-hearted attempt to give that a snack and he was getting a warning guile be like balls here oh I took it from me hey dick is cracker in the water I think it all soggy bug and sleeping on the speaker's he got the light he doesn't eat out of your hand just takes it from you and stores it somewhere in the water there pékerman yeah coming out if you want to pecker know you think the students like me when I sleep changed out different positions how is he walking on that I try to offer gifts I try to show my affection in different ways and ignored me the whole time is climbing on its own little playground this relationship it's not going to work one last cookie that were just like ocean ocean you love any arrow right there I guess that's how our relationship is I'm just going to put it right this is one the right cues will cue but they kind of here when they kind of climb on you next up go into another at Waterville campaign I'm in Hyundai and this is a really hip trendy part of Seoul and this is where a lot of these really unique cafes conjugates and right here is a puppy cafe but come on puppies are like three years ago we're going to even cooler place we are going to in your cat cafe look at those guys Oh apparently the first thing you do is take of your shoes and put on some flip-flops god there's a little fox here a foxy a little guy who was you guys are sectioning up some chili on my butt there you go I was chewing on my pocket there you go keep you know these guys are the most adorable things in the world like there's so much better than the raccoon cafe where iqs ignores you and graduate you they scratch you I'm still hurt that lady put on my back nothing was digging his claws in my back one thing about these guys is they are really friendly I mean they hate inappropriate masks that's what I mean look how did you even get there you get a breath mint yuzu let me poppy so Mike walk around like need to pee oh my god there's a big fluid thing just take my nose okay poop on me well guys your screen should be exploding from all the adorableness what's going on right now like this guy no more kisses this is by far the collateral pet cafe ever been to I was a cat cafe they just ignored you to raccoon cafe smashes you over there a big scratch YouTube has more loving these guys biting my foot right now that's never happened before no animal nor humans ever been my quote before as well come on over I named you Dennis oh you troublemaker tell you what my body has now become the battlefield and theirs is but they're worried there's literally we doing more around my body and Dennis has just you know snuck his way to safety that's okay then as I got you I got you buddy a your your I see where you're facing me I call you Mayweather leave dinners alone Mayweather their way I got you everybody is more exciting than the nature Channel time's up all what they're fighting and I'll know who won yet so much sounds like a real-life version of your captain manner there is the baby kangaroo thingy here oh my god it's got this crazy a it was first time I've ever seen a fox and a little wallaby together oh that's some athletic sylheti as a jenna is a African creature and it's agile is crap look at it it literally young Bishop dish that got this animal for ocean's 11 to think of robbed I think or single Henry and now it's wicking it's but there's a cutest thing ever I mean does it have a pocket petting a wallaby for first time ever oh it's so soft through this cat I might not even be a cat but this might decide the cheerful cat ever seen my life it's beautiful it's so gorgeous you're look at this beautiful eyes I'm not really you know I think at most amaz'n hi we're bluer than crisp eyes eyes like you don't know again really awkward we had our awkward moments it's so stuffed Agee in this cat doors her okay oh my goodness how come we never show me that kind of affection oh here he comes I love you too if I ever have a cat I wanted to be this guy but alright you wake up at night is glowing either my scare me I'm up in a cat cafe every cat ignored me or ignored everybody this cat we'd be we'd be Computer Club I've gotta say that was the coolest cafe you're an animal lover you got a confidence cafe and I don't want to compare and I feel bad for doing it but it's so much better than American cafe like so much better so if you want to go visit one animal cafe when you're install this come here this is so cool that meerkats looks like mango milk yes the mango milk looks intense like a cup in a spoon for it and with all the mingoes inside Oh like mango cereal it's just like mingle stereo really mean though instead milk more marshmallow job about after the meerkat cafe I am now going to go film a video and I'm so excited about this there's a place a restaurant it is a launch home and they have secret Majesty but they have like nine layers of seafood in a seamless I'm going to go and eat like a building sized seafood tower so so around nine the most DC power I need them for journey and of course we free up got your something change this leads with their from the birth into in Korea I would think like like a million with the storm of MLM or sub attacks it feels pretty real pretty all right cadets milk going on nice you're moving on you're going that is so fluffy teddy like powder just like the first snowstorm of the winter or the stores is also fluffy and feathery look at that so nice they can identify each individual snowflake [Applause] whoo what a lion seafood and adorable animals fill day so guys like I mentioned in my previous videos I am on this trip because I recently took a DNA test from 23andme and found out that I was actually 8.4 percent Korean and that's why I'm in Korea on a trip sponsored by 22 Emmy so essentially I'm reading a culture that I had no idea I had any ties with and if it sounds pretty cool well it is this is awesome and here's how you guys may be able to do this as well because during the days of July 12th and August 3rd 23 me is giving away 23 trips to 23 individuals and the destination is essentially based on where your ancestry is so check this out if you win you and a guest will get free round-trip airfare 5 nice accommodation daily allowance basically a trip with a total value of the $20,000 and all you got to do is enter is between the days I mentioned the July 12 through August 3rd by a 23mm ta NK which is incredibly awesome informative and you should do that anyway or you could just enter for free online and if you need more information or you got to do is go through 23andme comm slash Mikey chance I'm also going to have the link for you guys in my description box below and I just want to say taking a DNA test and finding out that was I was part Mongolian I was part Korean apart you're it's just mind-boggling because I always thought I was 100% Chinese so it's just such a fun interesting thing to do anyway and if you could also win a trip somewhere around the world that's even better and you get to support this channel which is better better alright guys hopefully you can check out the link find out your entry and be as mind blown as I was thank you all so much for watching this video I'll see you later

27 thoughts on “ADORABLE Meerkat & Raccoon Cafe in Seoul South Korea

  1. I want to Open a Rat Cafe. With Rats running all over. that 's gonna be a total hit, …For the city health inspector

  2. To those concerned about the animals, I just visited the meerkat cafe two days ago. Here are my observations:

    – The very first thing guests are shown is the list of rules/regulations, which is quite thorough.
    – The place had no odor. Potty messes were cleaned up immediately.
    – There were numerous, knowledgeable attendants constantly circulating and ensuring guests were interacting safely with animals.
    – Treats were given on a seemingly scheduled basis and consisted of a variety of vegetables, pellets, grains (for the herbivores), and kibble/training treats (for the carnivores).
    – The foxes, genets, raccoon and coatimundi performed simple tricks for treats. Though it entertained the guests, the tricks were done carefully, and only intermittently, and seemed to be meant for mentally stimulating the animals.
    – The animals were in prime physical condition… I observed no obesity whatsoever (which seems rare for meerkats and raccoons especially).
    – The two foxes had a large, private run separate from the common area. They spent extended periods in the run and didn't have to be with guests all day.
    – The meerkats also had two large pens with all sorts of toys and furniture for climbing and hiding in. One pen seemed to be the private chill-out pen, and the other pen was for interacting with guests. So the meerkats seemed to be rotated between the two pens so that no single meerkat was with guests all day.
    – The cafe had very strict rules about guest behavior, including rules prohibiting loud noises and certain vocalizations (like clicking the tongue, which alarms meerkats), and also instructed how to properly touch animals.
    – Although there were different species together, they seemed very accustomed to and comfortable with each other. I saw a genet (long-nosed cat-looking thing) climbing on top of a sleepy cat and the cat did not care. lol. And the wallabies were extraordinarily chill.

    – Where were these animals procured? I don't know. I suspect they were bred in captivity though.
    – I don't know if the meerkats get time (after-hours) to dig in natural substrate like dirt or sand. I think they would benefit from this.
    – I also don't know if the wallabies get access to textured floor surfaces so that they can hop more freely/naturally.
    – I think the wallabies probably needed toenail trims.
    – One wallaby had a baby in her pouch, and the baby emerged for a brief time. I noticed the tip of its tail was missing. This could have been a birth defect/natural accident or a preventable accident… I can't know for sure. But the mother voluntarily interacted with humans and was chill among the other animals… So if there was an accident, she showed NO signs of lingering fear. So I dunno.

  3. The staff at this cafe was HORRIBLY RUDE to foreigners. With so many neat things to see in Seoul, don't waste your time here.

  4. You should have opened your mouth for him that's how meerkats identify you. It's sort of their way of checking your ID haha. very much are interested in the mouths.

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