20 thoughts on “Adorable Dog Commercials by Subaru

  1. It's hard to pick a favorite but the mother getting her hair done and the fancy poodle crossing the street have to be in the tops!

  2. I love that first commercial with the poodle in the crosswalk. When the ‘wife’ growled, I couldn’t help but laugh at the look of the ‘husband’ turning his eyes away in guilt. That was truly awesome!

  3. I miss these types of commercials they use to be fun to watch but now they got commercials that are very lost and not make no sense.

  4. I like the two dogs french kissing and the dog backs into a mailbox cuz thw sog wasn't paying attention to the road and then there's that one with the phone

  5. I loved all of them but my dog kept barking at the tv … he gotta kick out if the dog’s kissing so hilarious

  6. I finally caved this year and got a Fozzy because of the little dude to the left and his brother and sister.

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