8 thoughts on “Adorable Babies Playing with Baby Animals – Baby Animals Video

  1. Never leave big dogs with children.

    The dog can, at any time, like other animals and humans, become dangerous.
    The big dog can abruptly bite or eat the baby.
    The dog is not responsible.
    He does not have a law.
    He does not have a morality.
    He follows his instincts.
    He has no logic.
    It seems normal but, at any time, it can have psychic problems or madness and become a wild animal capable of killing.
    Never leave big dogs with children.

  2. Why do some parents let the dogs lick inside a baby's mouth? And why don't they teach them at this age to be gentle with the pets. I hate seeing a dog, cat, rabbit…… get mishandled by a baby because the person with them isn't taking the time to teach.

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