Adopting of our TWO NEW DOGS: meet Ringo and Crockett!

Look at Crockett how he is listening a lot.. This one is listening to his friends a lot now. I like his character, so peaceful.. 3 DAYS LATER Look, this collar is very bad, it will be coming off.. Look, it comes off you see? So you are saying we need to buy a new collar yes? Yes. You see, this is crooked so it comes off. This one will be sleeping with you, no doubt about it. We need to do this to you becasue you won´t let us pick you up, Ringo. Squeeze it a bit harder.. You go away now because you will make him nervous. It will hurt him a little ok? So if these are not these balls inside, so it must be the parasites correct? I don´t think so. The pet owners often confuse that with the parasites.. Eat slowly! Right now I wouldn´t even dare to touch him.

6 thoughts on “Adopting of our TWO NEW DOGS: meet Ringo and Crockett!

  1. Que maravilla, cuantas hemociones aquí. Los demás saben que se marchan los dos colegas y son celosos los perritos, todos ellos… Eres gente muy sensible y fuerte, aunque eso puede ser caos, así es el océano, os parecéis mucho… Ja ja ja… Que miradas estos perritos… Salvados.

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