Adopting another Guinea Pig! Introduction at the Shelter

Hi everyone So we are going to adopt another piggy today and we have brought our 4 girls with us to see whether they will bond with the new piggy She is the one currently between Comet and Dali I adopted our 4 girls from the Australian Cavy Sanctuary which is a guinea pig rescue shelter I’ve provided a link to their website in the description section beneath this video When I first got my 4 girls they were in a pen with a black texel guinea pig However she had an abscess and needed to see the vet so we adopted our 4 girls and then once this
little texel piggy was ready the manager of the shelter let me know So today we have come to see whether they
still all get along with each other and as you can see… Dali and the texel piggy are snuggling up together which is super adorable because they are also related Now it’s a little hard to tell them apart at this distance but Dali is the litter grey piggy, and the texel has a little bit of brown fur around her neck Hi Luna Always the star! So texel guinea pigs have long curly hair Her hair has recently been clipped, but as it grows you will be able to see the curls more Nala also seems to be hanging around in this corner But we’ve just lost Comet and Luna to the circus hidey So it really seems like Dali and texel like each other Hey girls Do you remember each other? I think they do. Aww, Dali is following her Oh dear…4 piggies in the circus hidey now Aww, and I think she is looking for them They are all hiding in here I might just try and make the hidey a bit more upright Oh no!!! Stacks on!
All 5 piggies are in the hidey! They must be on top of each other I guess that means she’s coming home with us Ha! all you can see is just lots of fur Anyway, I’ve been thinking of a few names, and have narrowed it down So I’ll announce her name soon, once we have decided I hope you enjoyed this video See you later!

4 thoughts on “Adopting another Guinea Pig! Introduction at the Shelter

  1. such a beautiful video. I love the fact they got to be together again. From the look of it the definitely remembered each other. so lovely

  2. There is not a lot of guinea pig rescue near me but, I would love to adopt more piggies in the near future. It would be a dream come true. Congrats!

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