(new age music) – Oh wow, they’re already starting, huh? Morning. Morning. Hey, good morning. So, today’s exciting
because it’s the second day that we’re here at
Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary and it’s outside of the Phoenix area. It’s definitely in the desert and it’s hot but it’s a Phoenix hot. But the construction crew are already starting right now. They have to start super
early because of the heat. Emily, started super early
in her career and in pet, she was a vet tech. Now, she’s doing rescue. So, something cool about… – Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary – Is they focus on senior pets. – [Rocky] Hi, who’s this? – [Emily] This is Rocco. – [Rocky] Hi Rocco. – [Emily] He is 12. – [Rocky] Rocco is 12. Rocco you look like a young buck. Don’t you worry about it. Everyone around town is
saying you look real young. – [Emily] He’s the sweetest
boy there every was. That’s Fritz. – [Rocky] Hi Fritz. – [Emily] Fritz is 10. – [Rocky] Fritz, you’re 10? You’re still a young old age of 10. And, this is? – [Emily] That’s Nala. – [Rocky] Nala, OK. – [Emily] She’s been here the longest. She’s been here about 7 months. – Okay, Nala, hi. Hi, how are ya? So, Im sitting here with Emily and Emily is the founder and owner of Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary. – Yup – And, how long have you been doing this? – I’ve been here with the
sanctuary for three years – Three? So you started this three years ago. – Yes – What’s unique about
Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary? – I would say, it’s
because of our location, it’s just so peaceful. – Yeah – I mean, the dogs can just come out here, they don’t have to worry about anything, They can just be dogs. – Yeah – And, that’s one thing
that we do see a lot of, the dogs come out here and
you can tell that they just, maybe whatever their history
is, they’ve forgotten how to be a dog and they come out here and we take care of
everything and they go, “Oh, oh yeah, that’s
right I get to just be.” – Ya know that’s so true, ’cause its just it’s
back to their element. Just wide open spaces
where they can be dogs, be in a pack with other dogs. – Well, The most special thing is that we specialize in just seniors. – Which is so cool. So, why did you take up
just working with seniors? – They just have a
special place in my heart. I rescued a dog named Rusty, which is where the name came from, and he was very old, very sick. A dog that no one else
would’ve wanted to take on and I just decided, first I fostered him and then I adopted him and he just changed my whole life. Like, I realized that
there’s probably so many more just like him and he was so thankful and appreciative of everything. – He knew. – He knew and so I just, I knew that that was what I was
supposed to do with my life. – See? This is what I’m telling you. This is why you should
consider adopting a senior dog, because, it’s not always about you. Sometimes, it’s about them and giving them a couple months or years of happiness in their life that goes a long way, right? You see it first hand. – Oh absolutely. Sometimes it’s only days, ya know? It just depends but to have that dog know at the very end of their
life the best, maybe, that they’ve ever had of the
most love they’ve ever had and that’s what they remember and that’s their last memory and I mean, that’s just life changing. – Yeah – For anybody who can do it. (calming music)


  1. Senior animals are angels. I have two stray cats that adopted me. They are young cats and I love them very much. But I would love a senior dog one day. Absolutely.

  2. Hooray for a senior shelter profile! I volunteer for a senior shelter in AZ and LOVE the work these places do. Thank you for all of your hard work everyone! Thank you Rocky!

  3. Awesome! I'm also going to be adopting a dog! I subscribed! If you can, please subscribe back because that would mean a lot because I work super hard on my videos but I seem not to gain any progress:( so please if you can, subscribe to my YouTube channel and please stay active!:)

  4. thanks for your beautiful help towards innocent animals. Jesus is the Savior and Redeemer of our soul come to him and get save he is the way the truth and the life and no one can come to God, but only through Jesus Christ cause he gave his life for us for whoever believes in him not perish but have everlasting life in heaven.

  5. I adopted a senior pit bull a few years ago from one of the L.A. County shelters. They made us sign a form saying that we were aware that we were adopting a "vicious dog" simply because she was in a kennel with several dogs and she was the "pitty".  She smiled at me with her amber eyes and I couldn't resist.  Though I only had her for 6 months I will never forget Baby she was the best.

  6. Good for u man. I always feel so bad for the old guys. I adopted a special needs 8 year old corgi with anx issues and bonded with him immediately. He gets very defensive and territorial around other animals and small children but is a huge sweetheart with all adults. Poor guy had been returned a looked over and his time was running out. Today, years later (he's must be at least 13), he is an elderly gentleman of leisure and is in great shape and a super happy guy. We've helped each other through some tough times and are a team.

  7. My dad wants to put my senior dog to sleep. He's not sick, he can walk, he's just a little disoriented. This is reason enough for him to put him down but I don't think it's enough. He needs a bed in his dog house, that's all, I think. That will keep him from sleeping on the grass in the rain, I am almost sure of it. I don't know what to do.

  8. I rescued a senior dog today! His name is shiloh and he’s an 8 year old Labrador Retriever Mix! He already grew on me and im so in love !

  9. After losing 2 Labs in a 10 week span last year I was beyond depressed – 5 Days after my last Lab passed away – I rescued a Senior Borador. At first I thought I saved him, but in truth – he saved me.

  10. When I get older I’m going to get a bunch of senior pets so then they have a happy life I have been having up for 4 years so far I have enough for about 20 dogs I won’t keep them all I’ll try and find them a home but in the mean time they can just be dogs and have fun

  11. When I went to a shelter I saw the most beautiful three legged dog ever. Her name is Syringe because she is the anecdote to me. When I crouched down and looked at her curled up in the corner she growled. I didn’t second guess her I still wanted her. I didn’t change my mind and said she’s the one I want. The man looked at me like I was crazy but went and got he papers. This was our conversation.

    “You know you are getting a very aggressive dog ma’am she growls at anything that gets near her.” I looked at him like he was stupid and replied with.

    “Actually if you didn’t notice her neck has a tumor in it causing her to let off growl like noises” I say and stand up after signing the papers. I waited for the next day and picked her up. She did make the noise again but what surprised the ma was how she didn’t bite me instead she licked my hand. Ever since then she’s been stuck to me like glue. And I’m proud of my three legged pit. We got the tumor removed after being told she wouldn’t make it. I literally threatened the veterinarian saying if she stuck that needle in my dog I would stick the needle in her. Lol now that I look at it I was quite aggressive ? but they successfully removed he tumor and my dog had finally did a successful bark and now that’s all she likes to do ?

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