Adopting a Jellicle Cat

(dogs barking) – Hi, welcome to the Los
Angeles City Animal Shelter. How can I help you? – I’m lookin’ to rescue a cat today. – Oh my God, yes. Did you have any particular kind in mind? – No, no, nothing particular. Just lookin’ to give it a good home. – Awesome, okay you are
gonna follow me back here. – Okay. – Yeah, you’re actually in luck. We just got in a bunch of
new kittens and a Himalayan. – [Customer] (gasps) Look how cute it is! – If I’m being totally
honest, they’re gonna have a much easier time finding
their fur-ever homes than some of our other cats. The ones really in need of
rescuing are the Jellicles. (suspenseful music) (shocked humming) – Mister Tater Totterous, at your service. – That is a cat? – Yeah, sadly there’s a lotta
Jellicles on the street. They’re you know, singing
and dancing in alleys, kind of rambling on about nonsense. – Only one cat among us
will be chosen to be reborn in the Heaviside Layer. – Yes you are. – And what exactly is a Jellicle cat? (laughing) – I have no idea. (upbeat music) ♪ I am Jellicle and I am a cat ♪ ♪ I am a cat and I am Jellicle ♪ ♪ Jellicle Jellicle Jellicle cat ♪ ♪ I am a cat and you see I am Jellicle ♪ ♪ Jellicle Jellicle
Jellicle Jellicle Jellicle ♪ ♪ Jellicle Jellicle Jellicle
Jellicle Jellicle cat ♪ (gagging) – Oh, God.
(choking) – Oh, oh. – It’s fine, it’s fine. Hi, there you go, get it out. Oh you’re okay. He’s fine, it’s just a hairball. – Here’s the thing, this is my first pet. I don’t want anything
too high maintenance. – Okay, well don’t judge too soon. Mr. Tater Totterus has a lot
of really great qualities. He’s up to date on his
shots, he doesn’t shed, he does magic! – What? – [Cat] Ha-ha!
(shouts) – No! Oh come on, isn’t that
whimsical and charming? – No, it’s weird and creepy. He’s got this sexual energy about him. – [Employee] Yes. – Is he neutered? – Aggressively now. – Is this your wallet? – What the hell? How did you do that? ♪ Tater Toterous tell your
sons and daughterous ♪ ♪ Never has there ever been a cat ♪ – Hey, no!
– Give it back! – No, we do not steal wallets here. – Give me my wallet! – Come on, wallet back! Come on, I am so sorry about that. – You know, I think I
should just get a kitten. – I understand, I’m used to rejection. – Mr. Tater Totterous was
a glamor cat, but he fell on hard times, you know why. And he was ostracized
by the other Jellicles. – I don’t know what any
of those words mean. (reflective music) ♪ Flash backs I can think of the past ♪ ♪ Days I was super hot then ♪ – Wow. ♪ In the past I had sex with some cats ♪ – Maybe I will take him after all. – [Employee] Great. ♪ They’re a beautiful animal ♪ – Can I change his name? – Absolutely not. – [Customer] I’ll take him anyway! – Great, I will start the paperwork. – Excellent. – Oh. (farting) Oh, good boy. – No (groans). – That’s a big one, size of a kitten. (groaning) – I don’t think I can do this. – Yes! Wait, what?
– Yeah. – Look, if you don’t adopt
him today then we have to put him down. – I’m okay with that.

100 thoughts on “Adopting a Jellicle Cat

  1. For those who don’t think Cats is actually this bad: take it from a dude who’s seen this his whole life. It is. So much worse.

  2. This is why I'm have dogs. That last line made me do an aggresive air-through-the-nose laugh. Only I have a cold and thus my nose is stuffed up. The air had to go somewhere, so I blew a mouthful of half chewed noodles all over the floor.

  3. Adopt all the cats you want.. but if one of the chimeric monsters from the new movie gets brought in… kill it with a hammer.

  4. Deep Cats lore: "Jellicle cats" is a corruption of "dear little cats," the way a toddler might say it. So Grant is just a dear little cat.

  5. Trapp: So you'll be playing a lusty magi-cat. The costume work might be kinda hard, we'll have to order–

    Grant: I got this.

    Trapp: You sure? We were going to get–

    Grant: I said I got this.

  6. "Hes got this sexual energy about him" like.. its Grant in a cat costume moving around so much what do u expect????

  7. Usually it’s funny and great but idk about this one…… I’m sorry it was just terrible and more obnoxious, awkward and disgusting to watch.

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