Adopting A Christmas Kitten!

We’re getting a cat. I wanna hold onto the cat toy. I get to carry the cat all the way out the door. Look at that Mom, kitties. Look. Ahhhh. Oh my goodness. He even wears a tie, he’s about 6-7 months old. Oh my goodness. Is he a boy. He’s a boy. Good. I wonder what….He’s a cutie huh? Yeah but what’s her name? It’s a ginger cat. Can I get one. Look at how cute this one is. Is that our kitty? Yep, kitty. Is that our kitty? Yeah. Mmhmm ’cause it’s a cute little kitten. That’s our kitty? Yep she’s the perfect one of the alls. Because she like..she wants to go home with us bad. Does she? Oh yeah. Because she loves you Daddy. She loves everyone. So should we get her Mommy. We’re sure this is a female? Yes she is. Could we get her? ‘Cause she really so cute and she’s the perfect one ever. Yeah we can get her. Yay!!!! My turn. My turn.

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