Adopting a cat with young children – Cats Protection’s Kids and Kitties

You can adopt a cat with young children,
but there are a few things to be aware of, such as the cat’s background, the
personality of the cat and what sort of things you are actually looking for and
expecting from the cat. Growing up with a pet can be a very rewarding experience for many youngsters. Many children do find that their pet or cat can become
their best friend. It’s through this friendship that important lessons can be
learned such as trust and empathy, care and love, which can help them become
responsible and caring adults. As soon as your children can understand, explain to them that cats like to be left alone when they are eating or sleeping, and can
become frightened when people make loud noises, make sudden movements or try and grab them. There is more information on the Cats Protection website on how
to get your cat settled with children as well. Cats feel safer when they can watch from
an accessible high vantage point. To provide your cat with these places in
the home, you can give them a high windowsill, a cupboard top or even add cat shelves around the room. This will allow them to still be involved in
family life, but avoid all the hectic hullabaloo going on below. Your children will love helping out with the cat too, so do involve them with the grooming, playing and feeding regimes, supervised for both the cat’s and children’s safety, and then
you will have a happy cat and happy children! Ensure food and litter trays are
kept out of reach of toddlers, but do put some thought into these new
locations. Ensure the place is suitable for the cat to avoid any stress or
toileting accidents. you

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