Adopting a Baby Kitten (Fourth Cat) From Humane Society Shelter 2019

They knew it… The 5 crazy kittens that you had seen in our
previous videos, suddenly calmed down and herded together for what they felt was their
last chance to be together as a family. He also knew. While I have never given him any preference
during my volunteering shifts, we clicked right from the start. Whenever I came in, he was always watched
me closely. By the way, Chuckie is the “Sweeping Kitten”. The decision to take the fourth cat in was
a tough one. First of all, I had never pictured myself
with more than 1 cat to begin with, but life dictated otherwise. Sky is almost 10, and he is my cat puppy. Sky is not just super loyal, he is also very
jealous. He had a really tough time adjusting to Junior’s
and then Nine’s presence. Junior, our 16 and a half year old Grandpa,
did not seem to care about the news at all. Cat Grandpa raised Nine and did expect the
fair retirement. I had one more challenge – our baby, – the
Miracle Norwegian Forest Cat Nine. He is so spoiled and so used to the status
of the “baby of the family”! But I knew he was craving a playmate. The older cats just want to be left alone,
and he is often bored. the day when I was cleared to take Chuckie
home has finally come. Baby Morris is a super awesome to travel with! Not a single peek came out (and we had to
drive over 25 miles). Of course, the baby had to go into the nursery
room for the first few days. I furnished the studio to my best ability. Here he had tons of new toys and lots, lots
of room compared to the cage he spent his early days in. He also got his own cat condo and a very comfy
bed. The very first night he slept without making
a single sound – he had never been before in a super quiet environment – shelter residents
never sleep. Seeing how well he was settling and having
full trust in our Nine, I placed the safety screen as early as the second day. Poor little baby Nine – he was more confused
than little Chuckie – he so wanted to go play with his new brother! But I had to make sure safety of the cats
came first. Chuckie enjoyed his own big window and lots
of space. My heart ached for Nine – our precious miracle
stray, as he wanted to play with his new baby brother so desperately! While Junior and Sky had a difficult time
adopting to the fact that there will be a new cat sharing their space, I got a win on
placing the right bet on Nine’s expectations.

36 thoughts on “Adopting a Baby Kitten (Fourth Cat) From Humane Society Shelter 2019

  1. こんにちは?
    本当にありがとう ございます❤️
    不幸な猫が減る事を 私も希望しています?

  2. OMGosh!! How exciting!!! (And the same reason I cannot set foot in a cat shelter!!!) You are amazing and you gorgeous baby Yoshi Ren Shiro Chuck Morris is the most beautiful kitten!!! You are an angel and your new baby will bring you joy for years!!! Thank you for your big generous heart! ???&?

  3. Love this..FULL..Stephopalopal of New Orleans Louisiana…music and Peace ◇ This is beautiful..yall are beautiful and super duper kindness!! Too cute!! Enjoyed!! Have a beautiful creative sweeET night!!Best wishes!!

  4. ((hugs))
    This sounds SOOoooo familiar, lol!
    Remember, I have 25…and began much the same way as you.
    Prayers, cuddles, and purrrrrs to all of you!

  5. oh how lovely and wonderful you have adopted this darling kitten and Nine he looks so innocent and full of wonderment at this new baby brother Nine says i just want to play mama i want to give him a tour of our home and show him all the great play areas that is all mama i won't hurt him he looks like a new toy can i play with him please mama shall i run and ask Papa Cat first huh mom huh i hope they all welcome him in with open fur arms and loving paws and protect him as big brothers should be sure Nine gets extra lovin cause he may or may not get a bit jealous we all love you Nine and Sky Junior be sure and love your baby brother he looks like he will fit in nicely with you all High Paw we love you to Chuck Morris beautiful family x o Sensational video we are happy for you and Chuck x o hugs blessings its Great Mews

  6. Awww, that's awesome that you adopted a kitten. I had a feeling you might once you started at the shelter. Nine looks like he'll be a great big brother to Chuck. No one plans on having four cats… or three… it just happens… for a reason.

  7. Four cats means more fun videos for us to watch on your channel! I like Chucks black beard marking on his chin.

  8. Can't wait to see how Nine will play with a little brother. How big do want Chuck Morris to grow before a first supervised playdate?

  9. Oh Holly you sweet thing you. Yes I can see where Nine is looking forward to his new baby brother. Love the look on Nine's face at 2:39. I see Jr was checking out the new guy too. Jr cc: Oh another new guy to train. lol Is this the little one you asked about a name? I have thought about that so many times and kept coming up blank. But I like his name. Looking forward to Life with Chuckie and the Boys. I could say Chuckie and Nine but I don't want to make anyone jealous. (just in case Jr or Sky read the comments). Nice to Meet You Chuck Morris. lol

  10. Chuck Morris is now happy kitten in your home Holly????You adopted him,warm greetings from Vesna???

  11. The adoption decision is one of the most difficult. I wish you good luck and thank you for your positive cat-titude.
    High paw! 🙂

  12. Now I can't wait to see huge Nine and the little guy play together… shades of Jingle and Demon !! I hope Sky and Junior don't get too jealous.
    Shadow and Demon were planned, then Jingle happened. But they worked it out and learned to get along, and it was hilarious watching pipsqueak Jingle try to take down Demon !!
    High Paw !! ???❕

  13. I think it is wonderful that you are the one that adopted Chuck Morris. I have never adopted a cat or kitten. They always seem to find my house and adopted me. lol ???

  14. I heard a rumor that Nine got a sibling!!! I swear Nine and Fig could be brothers..same looks, same eyes/expression lol. Chuck Morris is adorable and so so lucky to have such a wonderful, new family to call his own. I bet Nine will be so happy and fingers crossed Sky will adapt better than last time!!

  15. Oh how precious!!! He is soooo cute!!! Nine looks very interested in the new kitty. I hope they are all bonding well! Chuckie is very lucky to have such a wonderful new home!

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