ADOPT ONE OF THESE HUSKIES | Hairy Houdini Siberian Husky Rescue Trip

*Music* *We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs*
*Huskies howling*
“Aroooooo!” A few weeks ago, we got to travel to the upper peninsula of Michigan. To visit the Harry Houdini Siberian Husky Rescue. You known, the rescue we talked about all the time in the videos… That rescue! The one we do transports for… That rescue! We actually got the opportunity to go up and tour the rescue. *Dogs barking* Mike, from “PressRecord” also joined us on this trip and some of the footage you’ll see in this video was taken by him. Thank you Mike for letting me use your footage. Some of the dogs that you will see in this video are available for adoption. I will try to put information to each dog down in the video description below Also, we are doing a t-shirt fundraiser for Harry Houdini and there will be a link to that down in the video description below and where also doing a ‘GoFundMe’ to help them pay for medical costs for some of the dogs they have. And I’ll put a link to that down in the video description below as well! So the first two dogs where gonna introduce to you are, Shiloh and Cheyanne. So, this one is Cheyanne… and this is Shiloh. *Dog sneezes* Bless you! Shiloh and Cheyanne are a bonded pair, which means they will really like to be adopted out together. If you are looking to add two (2) dogs to your home here’s the perfect two (2) dogs! Shiloh and Cheyanne are a little bit older. I can’t remember which one Sherry told me was older! *Laughter* But, they had been in and out of the rescue for the past eight years. So they’re really looking for a new forever home! The next dog where going to introduce you to and I cannot believe that this boy is still at the rescue! This is Hugo! Hugo loves to play fetch! I believe she said Hugo was around three (3) years old. He loves to play fetch. I mean, just watch him! He would literally go back and forth for as long as you throw that ball. I’ve never known a Husky to be that exited about playing fetch. He’s a very happy boy and I think, he would be the perfect addition to any active family. I’m really surprised that he still at the rescue! *Background noise* The next dog that I want to introduce you to, is Brock. Brock has had a plethora of health issues over the years and Brock is mostly blind. That doesn’t mean, Brock won’t be a good dog! Brock’s just gonna need a very special family that understands his needs. Brock is very snuggly! Reminds me a lot of Memphis! So, if you are looking for a dog that needs that extra special hand… That extra special love… Brock might be a good addition to your family! I’m not certain on the name of this girl! But, I do know that she was one of 30 dogs that was taken… I think they call it the UP 30. There was 30 sled dogs that where in basically in need of new homes. There are a couple of these dogs still. I think two (2) or three (3) that are still left with Harry Houdini Husky Rescue. These are actually Alaskan Huskies. So, as much we wanted to stay all day and get short little videos of every single dog they had up there that was available for adoption or, soon to be available for adoption *Laughter* we only had so much time in the day. So, hopefuly this video would reach somebody that may be, possibly can rescue one of these dogs and give them a forever home. If that person is you, like I said, down in the video description below will be a link to the Harry Houdini web site, where you can fill an adoption application or find out if you are a good fit for any of the dogs that they have available. Remember, Jamie and I do transport! We don’t just transport dogs to the rescue… We also, transport dogs to foster homes. We transport dogs to their forever homes. So, if you do adopt the dog, there’s a good chance you may get too meet Jamie and I (Jessica), when we bring the dog! Again, not a guarantee but… Is like a bonus! So, if you are looking to add a Husky to your life, Harry Houdini Siberian Husky Rescue will be a great place to start looking. They do cover most of the Midwest and if you are looking for another way to help, you can always become a foster family. The more foster homes that we can get, throught the rescue, the more Huskies lives we can save! Foster homes are a very important part of rescue. Yes! Fostering a dog can be hard because sometimes you had to give them to their next home, but at the same time, for every dog you foster, you are saving yet another life. So, we hope you guys enjoyed this video on our trip to the Harry Houdini Siberian Husky Rescue. I will put some links to all of their social sites down in the video description below. Also, the ‘GoFundMe’ page and the t-shirt fundraiser is down there as well. As always you guys… Thanks for watching! Thanks for subscribing! Stay positive, dream big! We will see you again soon! Goodbye! *Dog making noises* *Music* *Turn around and roll over, Snow Dog!* *Sing a song with your sweet voice* *I know, You’ve been a good little girl* *Good Girl! Good Girl!* *Come and join us for a new adventure!* *Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come 
into our Siberian world!* *We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs* *Gone To The Snow Dogs*
*Gone To The Snow Dogs*
*Gone To The Snow Dogs*

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  1. Hey did'n you know that you shall meet michaeltjd60 he found a abandoned john deere 111 do you have some of the parts from the 111

  2. Ya i would love to adopt one but I live in NC and I doubt if they could transport all the way here. though I wouldn't be opposed to going to meet a transporter. I do know ppl in Ohio. another thing is I have 2 cats? that is another thing I meant to ask, how does Nora do with Oscar and their cat, considering they are smaller animals? hmm this probably a question for Press Record but you may know too.

  3. What happened to Shiloh? If he or she died than I feel sorry my bearded dragon pancake that is just 6 months old is having seizures and dyeing

  4. OMG I REALLY WANT HUGO!!!! ???? But my parents won't let me get another dog and plus huskies are my favorite breed

  5. Hey gone to the snow dogs i just wanted to ask if it is ok if i adopt a husky dog in australia. Cause it is hot here

  6. I lived in my house with my family. We moved into a house and now it's been 6 years with my family and me with the house. My mom said, " When we move, we will get a pet". I want a husky so bad right now but I have to wait years….-______-

  7. The dogs on this site are all lovely! Though unfortunately we can't take in a dog who needs regular medication and we can't adopt two dogs, so at the time being we can't be adopting from this lovely place. If we find a dog we can handle though, we may adopt!

  8. +Gone to the Snow Dogs I was wondering if huskies are good dogs for Arkansas, since it can get really hot here, if I get a husky I am going to get two huskies. Do you think they would be good dogs around children, like small children?

  9. I wish I could foster, but my parents are rarely home and school is coming soon. I did want to foster over the summer, though.

  10. I've been looking to see if I can get a husky but I live so far away in trinidad Wich is in the ire ally want a husky.wish I had one????

  11. I promise when I'm older and live alone i will love to adopt a husky from this place, i hope these huskys will get a good home. And i also hope that i will adopt a nice dog and give him/she a nice home

  12. I would love to adopt rook but I have lots of pets, a dog that hates other dogs and I live in Australia

  13. I can adopt Hugo pls pls in live in Philippines I love Hugo pls give me I rescue but I have no one husky rescue and pls give me Hugo delivery in philippines

  14. I've had the opportunity to adopt a husky on several occasions, but in doing my research, I'm a little concerned about having one in my apartment while I'm at work for 8 hours. But on the other hand, it's because they are difficult to raise, that I'm interested in learning how to properly raise one. I know it will take A LOT of consistent training, but I think I'm up for the challenge. I'm the only one that will be raising it. No kids or other pets in the home and I'm physically active. Hiking, biking etc. What do you think?

  15. If I want to adopt Hugo will you diliver it from another country cause I lived in Philippine and how much it cause

  16. I think it’s wonderful what The Hairy Houdini Rescue does, and what Jessica does,it’s beyond words the importance of what they do, and the dedication from their heart- however for the life of me I cannot understand putting some Siberian Huskies in these small cages..there is a show called Pitbulls and Parolees, they have hundreds of dogs and they are in relatively large ,albeit caged,spaces. My heart breaks to look at this.

  17. Hey i was just told about this site I am very INTERESTED in HUGO the 3 year brown husky dog that loves to play ball… do you still have him ? can you please e mail .e i look forward in hearing from you [email protected] my name is Jim

  18. I so badly wanna adopt one now that I'm looking for a friend. But I live all the way over to Norway >.<

  19. If my mom let's me foster one of those gorgeous Siberian husky's will u transport them to Wheatland North Dakota

  20. If you transport huskies to the rescue centre and foster and new homes, and help with fundraising, in a way you are part of them. Which is just as good as having your own YouTube channel.

  21. I am in love with Hugo, I love his energy and I would love to have a companion when my family would go on the beach with me or some trips around the country but that being said, I live at a different country 🙁
    And I think I'm too young to be allowed to adopt on my own :(((

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