Adopt me Pets Furniture ?

[Applause] hi everyone it's me Jesse be back again I was able to sneak back into the test server once again I have me a dragon have some of these pets here and a lot of fans gave me and I've also did a lot of them myself because I was trying so hard to get a unicorn we have this awesome snow cat which is adorable it was you can see I still have a few eggs because I really want to try the bunny the bunny is adorable with his pink little nose Oh super cute so she's someone that was actually helping me trying to get the unicorn to like almost all night she was great unfortunately I never got it but that's okay it happens a little fox box is very adorable to another puppy otter and the great kitty a great kid is super cute so I am excited that I did get the dragon I actually got that on my second egg of trying which is pretty lucky because it is one of the legendaries so I mean I feel like I did pretty good for that one just no unicorn and I really want the Unicorn but anyways I'm here to show you the pet furniture right now nothing is loading so I mean because there's so many people in this server it's getting very laggy and nothing is loading properly but I'm gonna try just clicking on everything trying to get something to pop up sorry my dogs are going extra crazy in the background all right now that everything is loaded I have eight million things like this rug all right so right here I'm gonna throw in the corner it's just a drinking fountain pretty cool looking yeah I clicked on the rug way too many times it's kind of like when bethink makes a home like his thousands of breads you know million posters I accidentally did way too many cat ear rugs you know it happens so we're just gonna go ahead and take hundred million years to delete all these so just you know bear with me yep another one and another one okay now we have a small blue bed which is pretty cute good for the newborn pets and you can get a little bit bigger one a little bit more comfy on the side I mean why not add a cat ear rug in there and delete the other eight hundred all right then we have a bum rug which I also bought a few of but not quite as many as the other one so just a couple deletes here and then we have the unicorn rug which I find really adorable looks good with the cat ear so we'll just you know looks like a party hat and get ready for it all right so we have dog food 80 bucks for that it's pretty pricey but you know you gotta feed your pets we have a little small bathtub for a hundred not too bad 130 for water and water and food but it just fell apart yeah do you think you might need to do a little bit more work let's try again no Oh No just wants to give us empty box okay oh and you broke again alrighty then so might not want to spend $180 for a water and food that's gonna fall apart on you but you know who am i let's go back to the pet stuff alright let's check out this super expensive four hundred and fifty dollar pet bed and crib is that what it says no no so basically it's a bunk bed and for you and your pet and a cute slide that nobody could slide down I do really like that bathtub not gonna lie that I'm gonna have to get some of the stuff is pricey but you know our pets need to be spoiled and they know that really like that pink circle been let's try the two hundred dollar food dish right so evidently the more money you paid hasn't follow the party's so that's a win this one is the modern pet bed you know it kind of looks like a pet bed with a TV attached to it that's interesting ready that's just like a normal basic pet house and then we have the castle pet bed which kind of looks like a castle bounce house so I mean that's pretty cute change the colors so I mean that's actually a lot of stuff I feel like they give us a lot to work with coming out so that's super exciting I mean we only have a few more days till this hits the real server it's like a moment I'm excited I can't even talk I'm speechless but I'm going to see wanted to see yeah let's go to some water real quick my dragon seems thirsty so why not super cute and that when they could drink out of two so that's fun I'm more excited to see of what kind of furniture hacks I could turn this into so that will be fun to find out and the kids are always bothering me okay coming down below which items you think are the best and which pets you hope is coming out there's actually so many that I didn't even realize we're coming out so I really hope some of them are for trade so we could start trading some of them super cute yeah and you'll notice me asking people throughout this video like is you have a unicorn like when I recorded this I was on a mission for unicorn I have really great friends and really great fans that we're all trying to help me get it and you know it just wasn't my luck but hopefully when it hits the row game I'll get lucky you know we'll see I got lucky with my dragon so I got my dragon on the second try so I mean you never know so I'm gonna go through some of this and delete I mean obviously over time and the more pets you have you're gonna probably need like 90% of this but when I first start off and I only have my one or two pets I'm only gonna have a little bit of furniture so I'm just gonna show what I would or what I'm going to have in my house just for my few pets maybe no um no maybe I'll figure out some type of pet room to make but I'm not sure if I'm gonna have time before that day comes out I might have to wait till after that date comes out so basically this is what it comes down to I love the circle bath I love those two rugs and you know those beds were awesome so before I get cut off in this video hold on let me call my dragon first let me pull out my legendary dragon like I can't hide him away my backpack we got to name it – we can't just leave it dragged in all right toothless perfect name for a dragon if anyone has seen that show post the name in the comments it's gonna be super cool okay so I got cut off in the last video go watch my last video if you have not seen it but I wasn't able to show you where the pets learned their tricks ads so I'm gonna go show you real quick you come through the school go to your right hand side and you will see the pet trainer it's a cool little shop little area not a shop I mean you got a few dishes some beds it's nice g'day mate want me to train your animal alright let's begin sit so basically he teaches your pet tricks you're not gonna learn all the tricks at once you do have to wait over time get those moods up and the older your pet gets the more you know tricks that we'll know but I mean it's something really cool I believe and even some of them dance which is super cute I know I'm stuck on the Unicorn right now but it's super cute when we see a little pink unicorn dancing around in a circle so and now weights like I am so excited for its come out in a few days like I'm gonna wake up super early just waiting for it and I'm sure all of you guys will be too so it's gonna be super awesome so make sure you hit like subscribe hit that Bell button because when it does come out I will probably let fans join me as well bye you

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  1. Hi jessi b i love your videos can u accpet my friend rarequest? My name at roblox : unicorngirl42667 follow my instalgram!! Finesya_putri plsss

  2. I was the girl u saw in the pet shop with the pet unicorn lol the game reset so i dont have my unicorn anymore

  3. Hi jessi I love u and I believe in my heart that U will get Unicorn ur so generous and a great person

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