Adopt Me Pet Update – Sneak Preview from test server!!!

hey guys it's mom bod and today I have something super exciting to show you guys I snuck into the test server and there was pets now there's only like a couple of servers open and Bella's trying to get in but I can't teleport for some reason but yeah so let me hop in here let me get in on Kylie's account and see if I can show you guys around okay so I looked in inventory and I have this starter egg everything's a little different now I'm gonna have to get used to that that's a little you know I have to get used to it anyways so it says unhatched starter egg uh Howie oh you can feed it oh my goodness my egg is eating a sandwich wow that's pretty funny okay how do i hatch him hatch now your egg will hatch by itself if you take good care of it or you can hatch it now with roebucks of course of course no I'll see ya so let's go into the nursery this is the new nursery the pets it says um it's where you would dock babies on the right pets on the left look at that VIP in the middle that's great allowed to walk across a huge nursery to get to VIP anymore well that's neat the windows are so cute this is good that the nursery is smaller because it was just way too big before let's go over to the pets side that is so cool the windows are really cool oh hello why hello there human you look like the type of chap who'd help a friend out mind looking after this egg take good care of it and it'll hatch into an outstanding pet it was this that I think it's that I already have let me see yeah yep just when I oh this is okay so this is like the board like with the presents and with the gifts and then can't really see too much I see all the little pets was that like a beaver or a bear is that an eagle maybe oh I do see unicorn and a dragon I can't wait to get those the red panda I think there's a horse so I think this is gonna be like legendary Commons that kind of thing it's good talk to Holly cats cats cats I love cats on a cat by an egg and you can maybe have a cat I love her shirt she must be the crazy cat lady Kirstie these are pet eggs 750 2.5 legendary percent okay so these must be like the big gift well that's pretty good 2.5 oh I recognize those from Easter but if we'll be able to use those I have a couple ah those this is the broken egg and says one percent legendary looks at the egg and point will feed jesters for you to buy an egg ah yeah he's gonna be sad because I'm not gonna buy it I don't have enough I don't think he's just barking maybe you're part dog maybe I am never know and this will look at that crown on the SAG of royal egg nine hundred and ninety five dollars that looks like 7.5% legendary 30% ultra rare that's really good though that's better odds I think than the massive gift but that's like a massive gift it seems like the broken egg might be a tiny gift somebody left their egg drinking just drinking water that's interesting okay so your pet is thirsty you can come to the nursery to give them water well that's a huge head Wow all right let's go out and see what we can find what else is new so we have the new pet shop which the update is out right now I believe well this looks this looks different Wow there's toys over here oh my it's hungry let's see if we can feed him I guess hungry tap to feed him but I don't have anything to feed him yet look there we go he's gonna eat right here perfect and probably can sleep in that doghouse and drink from the water bowl so free food and water at the pet shop as well let's go camping yes okay well I think he might be I don't think that my egg needed water let me just pick him up and I need some sleep let's pick him up okay so camping and it's like let's go camping okay so let me put him in oh nice a hostel it sorry dude I'll look there's some there's a kitty cat and a puppy oh that guy has a different kind of dog I don't know where it went but it was there they're so cute oh my goodness oh my it's almost unhatched uh if I stick it on the fire can cook it a little just turn that off real quick and those are so cute look at Mimi the little new board kitty okay let's try to cook the egg Oh oh my goodness he's escaping and I got a puppy new born dog yay it's gonna be Molly that all cuz it looks just like my dog Molly a little feet going little tail Waggin so cute my goodness I did notice that the camping is only 25 dollars so might be something that they're changing like his little feet hanging out I hope they come out with like accessories for the pets maybe like a collar or hats clothes even for the pets oh he's sick let's go to the hospital dog got dog sick nice it is really so so bright now with the the new shadows update oh my dog got cat sick and a baby ball got a baby sick nice I'll see if I can feed him an apple oh my goodness that worked let's just take a couple Casey gets sick again yay we level up every single time we do something with the pet hmm I wonder how high the levels go I think once he becomes a I don't what happens oh I ran over the dog come on get in the car Oh guess he's not gonna get in the car try without him whoa oh my goodness oh wow oh no dog no dog come here oh goodness that was bad okay alright so we're at the playground let's see if we can do some tricks to unlock tricks visit the pet trainer at the school nice so we have to go to school for our pets now I don't know if I'll ever be a baby again I wonder I don't have enough money to buy another pet but I wonder if you gonna have multiple pets out at once that would be awesome let's go play and see if we can level him up right now dog is a newborn there we go got it Oh still not still not leveled up but he needs a drink let's go get him a drink real quick then yeah let's let's see if we can get him tea you cannot give a real dog cookies or tea or chocolate cake does everybody knows but yep I guess in the game you can I just wouldn't advise doing it oh he loved about he's a junior now your dog age you can something new tricks I guess I guess every time we level up you get a new trick you can do let's go get a shower fold quick level him up a little bit more me or the dog yep it's the dog he's going oh you look so cute look at him panting OH now if this was realistic he would be jumping all over and the entire bathroom would be soaked in water or at least that's how it is in my house oh my goodness so cute he's thirsty again let's go in here and get him some well there's a there's an animal there let's just set him down and look around let's see there's some frisbees some pet food five dollars tap on your pet to feed him here's some glowing bones regular bone bunch of treats and look at that little toy the donut toy that's cute frisbees football our little doggies in there our cat is to the doghouse sleeping nice all right six bucks he's not thirsty all right let's go see what else we can do maybe try this school I haven't looked in this school yet whoo this is different it was the gym and now it's the pet place that's good good I might want me to train your animal yes all right let's begin sit why he doesn't get that PETA he's got pizza on his mind oh nice good dog lay down perfect yes nice he got two tricks I think because I missed the newborn tap your pet to try out the new tricks I need some sleep okay let me see if I can find somewhere he's a drink actually let's get him to drink when somebody's in the doghouse home oh he's gonna level up yay preteen awesome that's so cool this is making me a little nervous surely it wouldn't be like preteen I don't senior and then what happens you have to start over with the pet I really hope not be kind of sad okay oh my goodness it would be nice if they had put the new like the beds and the food bowls and things in this update so we could get ready for the pet that would be cool maybe they'll do that this week like do it early all right let's go let's go train him again yes he's a junior now train him a new trick oh there's a lot of people goodness yeah upside down smiley face he's not getting it dude belts oh you did it he did it yay so bounces like where he jumps naive let's see let me try to get him to do it it's so bright oh my goodness bounce yay and he finished school I just like hold him he's so Wiggly he's so cute okay let's do a bath again see if we can level him up one more time he's preteen what's next teen nope eat one more time I wanna see if we can trade here and actually wants to trade but I just want to see if I can you can trade pets Wow okay but I don't know if you can see the level so be careful with that all that work that went into your pet it might be you might get a newborn he's gonna level up here we go gene yay and a new pet trick is available that's awesome nope I don't know where I'm going nope yeah I can't get out that's it for the pet update so far at least in the test server hopefully things won't change too much and I left a link in the description check out the new discord app server adopt me fans there's a huge giveaway and I think like the top winner wins like four thousand dollars and it got me money and I think there's a couple of winners so check it out and sign up and that's it you guys bye

45 thoughts on “Adopt Me Pet Update – Sneak Preview from test server!!!

  1. I think imma get a bunch of alt accounts and trade pets my main account LOL. Thanks for this vid tho I really wanted to know if they were tradeable!

  2. Hi Krazy! I am a big fan .want is the name of the test server can u tell me because I want to try like you .. pls reply?????

  3. Anyone unicorns?

    It could open tomorrow wait I actually have a question!!!!
    Is it actually in the test server everything ?

    Ples awnser

  4. Wow u got awsome pet i wonder what pet i well get i love the update i love how they make like to care about the pet i love u

  5. Hi I was trying to join your server but it wouldn’t let me. So I dunno what happened.

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