I got a pink egg guys look at this Wow wait what this this egg says changing color in the description of it do you think that it's about to hatch mm what will they both hatch into this is a conspiracy theory hey guys it's cake noms today I'm playing adopt me there has been a brand new update where you can get your own pink egg from the PET SHOP pet countdown pets are coming out in a week Wow follow the ending timer to know the specific time prepare to time travel in a brand new adopt me adventure in this video I will show you guys how to get the egg and what's new and they adopt me Island over here we have a new pet store that is coming soon and look guys it's actually being built in the previous Egberts videos there was a bunch of metal on the floor with this bone sign so now it's actually being built and it's working progress you know guys I'm super excited for when pets come out so yeah also you can grapple onto the crane if you have a grappling hook okay so I have something to show you if you go to vehicles and just spawn in any type of car I'm just funning the blue one you see very super cool dude car and what you can do is if you have a grappling hook you can travel to any place in the map and it drags you and your car along so I'm going to grapple to the sky castle up there and look at this guy's I'm being towed up Wow I'm surprised the the grapple string didn't break yet okay so I'm going to get up here if I can oh this is kind of hard no no fall back down okay okay so how about this okay there we go alright so yeah look at that guy's oh my car just fell down did you see that it's broken oh no my car is broken so I'm actually going to grapple over to the park if I can the wheels are falling off okay so yeah you can travel to any place you want with your vehicle which is kind of cool you know I found out I'm just gonna grapple to my house guys here we are in our fairy house make sure to check out my fairy house I'll leave a link down below for you guys to check that out if you haven't already let's go outside first so right over here on the left side we have this button it says pets update in however many days leading up to the June 15th let's click this and adopt your own cuddly kitten or fluffy puppy the biggest update and adopt me ever coming very soon yes so it asks you would you like to preview the new pet shop before it's open in order to know where the pet shop is located you have to click navigate and then it has a bunch of arrows leading up to where the pet shop is so to speed this up I'm going to use a vehicle so let's use my cloud today okay let's go over there to the pet shop and as you can see over here the pet shop has already been built you can actually go inside of the pet shop when you first come in you automatically look at this and you're like wow okay so over here we have a doghouse and a few like feeding bowls and then we have some toys here look at that so we have this little dog bone to play with and football and then over here we have to speak to Tom so he is the guy that gives you the pink egg at the end so hey there my pet shop opens Saturday Judith only issue is that there aren't any pets in top I had an idea can you go back in time these two before the nursery was built until sirwoofington the town architect to make sure the nursery has a pet department whew my time machine is on your right a time machine so he tells us to go into type time machine and to go inside I think you have to pay one-time fee of $100 yeah you have to power up the time machine for a hundred bucks so in order to do that just click the yes button and then time travel go inside and poof wow this is the adoption Island like did I say five years ago five years or I don't know how many years ago but before the adopt me Nursery was built so let's go and see what it is wait could you go inside the shops Oh would you so quick oh wait whoa okay apparently you can still go inside the shops but there's actually nothing okay put some invisible blocks there to patch it up okay so let's go over to this guy sirwoofington and right next to him doge look at that oh my god looks it's so cute okay so sirwoofington is here and it's got the top hat the monocle in the suits and everything okay so me my narwhal will ask the third– Withington what's up okay let's talk good day lad hello so you want me to add a pet department dot dot by doing this you're changing the future for better or for the worse are you sure you want me to do this well I do want to have pets so ask several things into building pets apartment yes please all right I'll do it yeah may the developers have mercy on all of us yes and Doug here is Oh Monsieur to let Tom know so you can prepare yeah thanks sirwoofington Oh whooping ten I get that okay Doug let's talk to the dog you know let's see what he has to say woof woof woof woof woof woof woof wow that that dog had a lot of saved even more than sirwoofington okay let's go back through the teleportation to time travel back to our period all right let's go guys are you ready on the count of three one two three go we're back whew that was kind of scary guys I never time traveled I never time traveled in adopt me before so let's speak with Tom hello Tom thank you for speaking with sirwoofington now he waits hopefully pets will enter the world yeah okay in the meantime here's a very special pet egg as a token of my appreciation it will one day hatch into a beautiful pet oh I'm so excited I got a pink egg guys look at this wow it's a pink egg and I can I can hatch it hopefully it'll be a cute pet so let's go to our pets so we have wait what look guys this I guess it says changing color and description of it do you think that it's about to hatch it's changing color right now and both of these are legendaries so this is the pet egg that I got from the Easter update mm I'm team if you have it check that out already then I'll even a link in the description below mobile they both hatch into guys this is a conspiracy theory let's check the camping site best shop ever place and basically it showed hints to what the the egg was going to hack into so this egg is changing color and let's go inside oh so it's still the same it's just these get out words and stuff like that this might hatch into the dog that sirwoofington had so this egg right here this Eggbert egg will hatch into one of the dogs or a special dog you know we'll just have to wait seven more days guys I'm going to post a pet update video for you guys to see what's new on June 15th so Maddy's make sure to stay tuned hit that like button down below and subscribe if you're new to my channel also hit that notification bell to get notified when I post the video so I'll see you guys in the next one bye


  1. Hiiii love ur vids!!! And ur roblox avatar is the CUTEST especially with that adorable dolphin, and ur kind heart <3

  2. I have the legendary Pink egg it will hatch in the update day ?

    Edit : can you pls donate me roblox pls my name is springpinks it is my dream to play bloxburg pls love you <3

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