Adopt a pet: Meet Panther

all right it’s gonna be a good one as you know we feature adorable pets in need of good homes today and here Panther from the Humane Society of Broward County is teething on my fingers yes sherry Walker is here he easy wonderful puppy he is a wonderful coffee he is 13 weeks old and 20 pounds already so he is going to be a big boy when he is full-grown absolutely a delightful puppy he is playful he’s curious I have to say he looks pretty good on a leash all ready for a puppy he wants to be active he wants to be outside walking around he doesn’t want to be on a film studio he I think if you have kids active children yeah um kids that like to play ball this is the kind of thing they’re looking he’s gonna wear them out here they’re gonna wear him out I think both you know full grown we’re looking at a dog that’s probably going to be 6070 poster child for puppy school you should be your mascot a school which is offered up the Humane Society of Broward County it is and he you know register for that before you take him all right he is outgoing he is playful make sure you have lots of toys for him and he listens I mean he’s curious he’s like any puppy we actually have I would say nine other puppies that look just like him so about getting a puppy today is a good day to head over to the shelter and you guys have other animals as well it’s not just puppies not just cats right we have marshmallow and some mores they are adorable six-month-old guinea pigs that are looking for a home they are brothers unfortunately someone in the family was allergic to them so that’s why they’re at the shelter waiting okay so like I can say in that instance you didn’t know you were allergic to guinea pigs till you met one that some dogs are different they are they’re everywhere yes but they love kale and they’re well they were well cared for look how beautiful they’re very cute yes and it’s cheaper than the pet store I don’t have to get spayed or neutered do they we actually do on spay or neuter them especially if you take home a boy and a girl oh yeah and you as a special event tomorrow very unique a very unique event so tomorrow we are partnering with the Museum of discovery in science for super power dogs 3d there is a VIP brunch and film screening the brunch is at 9:30 and the screening is 11:30 so you can come and enjoy and leave your pets at home leave your pets at home II I’m so glad my daughter’s not saying this because she’s sleeping at the Museum of discovering else tonight I’ve heard this movie is incredible it’s super power dogs and it’s really about the incredible things that dogs are able to do all right Panther will con that forever good luck good luck hey good day to take panther off for a walk Brandon

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  1. Awwww my dogs make is panther , he is 4 years old border collie mix. His color is all black and his one paw is white. Love him very much .

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