Adopt a pet: Meet Karma

I think we keep the dog have to meet a good home every week and show you walkthroughs from the Humane Society of Broward County with karma yes this is karma he is believe it or not 11 years old he weighs about 25 pounds and you know people think oh he’s older you know he doesn’t have energy well karma likes to walk he likes to play with toys he knows some bass any man yes he does make goo-goo eyes at you he loves belly rubs he does know some basic commands as long as there’s treats involved and he really he’s looking for a place you know where he’s gonna be able to retire too yeah yeah and you said his family probably had to move it could have been an older person if you have that a lot at the Humane Society we do a lot of times people do move and unfortunately they can’t take their pets with them so you know whoever had karma they took very good care of them he just needs really he loved the car ride he loved the car he was looking out the window he was just you know here Todd what’s he got snacks his own snacks he’s not sharing yeah but he really he’s a sweet dog who really does deserve a second chance oh it sounds gonna tease him now Sammy the cat yes Sammy’s great just don’t put her near dogs right so Sammy is a year and a half old she is afraid of dogs but she is good with cats and or he is I should say and Sammy will play fetch Oh Sam you said you posted video of this on your Facebook page yes we did go back and look for Sammy um gets along with I would say cats that are close in his age he is like a teenager he’s about a year and a half old he’s active he’s in our community cat room with some other felines and he is just I would do best in a home without dogs yeah and and karma would do best in a home without cat exactly just like that there you go it’s not for you you know if you want to take a chance at adopting Sammy or karma call the number on the bottom of your screen is just head over to the Humane Society of Broward County where if you’re looking for unconditional love I always say get a pet here you get a dog that’s not so much oh I don’t know person hands need homes tuning yes they do they’re lovely good luck Karma

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