Adopt a Pet at Prince George County VA Adoption Center

Hi, my name is Rachel Williamson. I work for
the Prince George Adoption Center. Our featured pet is Trish. She is a 35-pound Plott Hound
mix. She just had eight beautiful puppies. We are going to be featuring them also. Hello again. Here we have Trish’s four puppies.
We have Dallas, Dane, Dahlia and Desi. They’re going to get to be about 45 pounds. They are
Plott Hound mix puppies. The adoption fee is $75.00. That includes the spay or neuter,
a medical certificate to any vet in the tri-cities area and a packet of coupons from Petco. As of Monday, March 18, Mother Trish and puppies
Desi and Dahlia are still looking for homes. This is Desi, and this is Dahlia. The Prince George County Animal Services and
Adoption Center is located at 8391 County Drive. We have a variety of pets of different
ages and sizes to fit any family. Stop by for a visit today, or check us out on Facebook.
For additional information, send us an email at [email protected] or cal 804-991-3200.

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