Welcome to an Adelaide Beads Craft Tutorial You will need: 3 x candle sticks 1 x Flat plate/platter 1 x Plate 1 x Large bowl Tools: Silicone glue (clear), Gloves, Pop sticks (for spreading glue) To see how they fit, lay the pieces out and experiment Our glassware was collected from secondhand stores We stacked them to see that they fit well, before glueing them in place Step 1. Lay all the components out Starting with the bottom piece to the top piece Step 2. Put on the gloves and use a sharpie to mark where the first candle stick will sit Step 3. Apply the silicone glue to the plate and attach the candle stick Step 4. Having marked the smaller plate with a sharpie, apply the glue place it in position on top of the candle stick Step 5. Now we are ready to glue the next candle stick in place because we are using glass, we can see the sharpie and silicone — so we know where to position it Apply the glue inside the sharpie line Step 6. Attach the second candle stick Wipe away any excess glue Step 7. Glue the next candle stick in place Step 8. Top with the large bowl, glueing it in place and wiping away any excess glue This is another one we created We even put some beaded flowers in before glueing this one We used an upside down wine glass Use whatever you can find scour op-shops, or ask friends to donate their old glassware, candle sticks, wine glasses, plates, bowls and platters Then see how and which pieces fit together Let the bird bath dry for at least 12 hours Make sure its stable — and fill it with water! Thank you


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