Adderall Crash During The ABC News Debate?

Rubio he was supposed to have momentum here and he he it was a Nixon like performance during our live coverage I I mentioned that it seemed like he was having an adderall crash partly joking but partly being serious because when you have an adderall crash I mean you sweat a lot and you start off really strong and then all of a sudden you just kind of get tired and that's what it looked like you've heard someone brought up I've heard someone brought up that those theories were floating around after the whole water situation when he gave also makes you dehydrated and it makes your mouth dry and by the way in the beginning of debate the first thing he did was try some oil and we're like Jesus how much water can this guy drink Rubio he almost does it in every debate so you actually might be on to something right

42 thoughts on “Adderall Crash During The ABC News Debate?

  1. You dont just crash instantly on adderall. You gradually come down over a period of a few hours, not minutes. They have no idea what theyre talking about.

  2. Every time I click on one of your videos I hear some stupid shit with no evidence that I don't care about in the first place.

  3. Ana is such an idiot. Ya he must have been on Drugs. Couldn't have been lack of sleep or no prep. TYT is full of idiots.

  4. So now you are qualified pharmacists, as well? The grand reach for presumptions on TYT is almost comical at times

  5. Lol. That's exactly what I said. I figured the guy took too much of some stimulant or another.

    The dry mouth is a giveaway.

  6. I am a devout liberal and progressive. If you guys want to be taken seriously as a news organization you can't speculate with videos like this. Don't be them. It may very well be true, but it's still speculative without any evidence. You want to call yourselves a new breed of ethical coverage, you need to refrain from this.

  7. He also sweats profusely, especially in this debate. I don't know, even if he isn't a pill popper, the guy might have some sort of neurological condition that causes systematic issues in the way his body maintains homeostasis. Or maybe he just likes the addy lol

  8. That Ana is a skank. I wouldn't touch her with a ten foot poll. She's just projected she's done /does Aderall.

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